Mapix Technologies Team Runs for Homeless Charity

HomeRun 2020 Mapix Montage

The Routescene team participating in HomeRun 2020 raising funds for Shelter.

The teams at Mapix Technologies, Routescene and Trackplot have raised over £800 participating in the charity event HomeRun 2020 organised by the homeless charity Shelter.

Members of the ‘Mad Trackers’ team walked and ran as much as possible throughout September. The team managed to cover a total of 428 miles, the equivalent of from the office headquaters in Edinburgh all the way past London to Brighton.

Company founder and CTO Gert Riemersma commented, “It was a welcome challenge and distraction from the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the constantly changing guidelines that everyone had to deal with and the limitations of not being able to meet up to run together due to Covid restrictions, it was a excellent way at building team spirit. This event was a great opportunity to become much fitter during September, I certainly feel better for all the miles I managed to cover. Everyone really got involved in the event and surpassed our targets of both mileage and money raised. Thanks to all those that supported us.”

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About Mapix Technologies
Mapix Technologies are a leading authority in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) solutions in the fields of industrial automation, robotics and autonomous vehicles. LiDAR experts, dedicated to providing dedicated customer service, with an ethos of Quality Control and responsive customer support. Distributors for Velodyne and LeddarTech LiDAR sensors in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

About Routescene
With the Routescene brand we also develop, design and manufacture integrated 3D survey and mapping solutions for use with drones.
Perfect for applications where accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve such as hard to reach areas, hazardous environments and situations where you need to penetrate vegetation to reach the ground beneath. All the complex integration is complete – the result – an operational system ready for immediate use. Comprising workflow methodologies, quality assurance software, post-processing software, hardware and firmware.

About Trackplot
Trackplot is a complete lone worker solution designed for people who work outdoors, particularly those who work in rural, isolated and hazardous areas. Our easy to use interactive system helps companies comply with lone worker laws and create their own tailored lone worker management system. Trackplot allows your lone workers to keep in touch wherever they are, giving you peace of mind that they are safe whilst working. This satellite based system offers a range of different communication methods and does not need mobile phone reception to work.