Scanfly XT: When the Little Details & Resolution Matter

SCANFLY V2 XT 00In 2016, 3D TARGET presented the first version of Scanfly: the payload LIDAR not only for UAS. Adopted by surveyors, research centers and asset management companies all around the world, Scanfly has been continuing its roadmap towards innovation, always keeping the original mission of simplifying the user experience without a compromise on the measuring performance.

Today, 3D TARGET is excited to be the first to bring to the Lidar payload market the brand new Hesai PandarXT-32.

SCANFLY V2 XT 02Based on Hesai’s self-developed proprietary ASIC’s, Hesai PandarXT-32 is arguably the most accurate multi-profile rotating Lidar head, with its outstanding range measurement accuracy of +/- 1 cm, coupled with a precision of +/- 0.5 cm. With a range detection up to 130 m, this sensor keeps a 90% probability of detecting 10% reflectivity targets at 80m with extremely accurate and consistent reflectivity information.

3D TARGET integrated the new sensor in the brand new Scanfly XT, which will be unveiled at SAIE, the Building trade fair open to the public, held in Bologna, Italy, in October 14-17, 2020.

The peculiar specifications of the Hesai PandarXT-32, joined with the unrivaled reliability of the Scanfly core allow delivering extremely resolute and definite point clouds, making the Scanfly XT the ideal choice for mapping at longer ranges and higher speed.

Scanfly XT weighs just 1.80 kg, measures over 32 profiles evenly spread along 30° and produces up to 1.280.000 pts/s.

All the Scanfly series is now available with:

  • the mounting kit for the new DJI Matrice 300RTK;
  • new version of SmartProcessing Lidar with full support of geographic reference systems, lidar boresight and new algorithm to generate colorized 3D point-clouds;
  • new Scanfly firmware with a brand-new graphical user interface.

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3D TARGET was founded in 2008 as NDT instruments distributor for Italy. Along with a dedicated department for the distribution of remote sensing instruments (3D LiDAR, high resolution, thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral imagers), an internal R&D team is committed to system integration, image analysis and artificial intelligence projects. Scanfly was born from the combination of these two souls, always keeping the End-User in mind. We serve companies worldwide, having our brand represented in different sectors.

About HESAI Technology
Hesai Technology is the global leader in 3D-sensors (LiDAR).  Founded in Shanghai, Hesai’s team of 800+ has created a suite of innovative sensor solutions that combine three core strengths: industry-leading performance, manufacturability, and reliability. Hesai’s proprietary micro-mirror and waveform fingerprint technologies continue to lead the market in sensor innovation, creating 500+ patent portfolios and winning customers spanning 70 cities in 20 countries and regions.