California Department of Transportation Awards Continental Mapping Statewide Asset Inventory Contract

Continental Mapping Logo 2 LiSun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States, September 9, 2020 — Continental Mapping has been selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to collect, extract, and host transportation right-of-way asset data statewide along all 15,313 centerline miles of urban and rural mainline roads. The three-year contract supports Caltrans’ Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP), which aims to improve asset management while minimizing costs and managing risk. Targeted assets include signs and supports, barriers, guardrails, crash cushions, end treatments, pedestrian facilities, and bicycle facilities.

Continental Mapping will collect lidar and 360-degree ground-based imagery across all 15,313 centerline miles using its fleet of mobile mapping sensors and then extract detailed, descriptive asset information that meets Caltrans’ requirements. Source data and identified assets will reside in a cloud-hosted geospatial data solution and web-based software to support ad hoc data access, queries, field work, and comprehensive asset management. Through Continental Mapping’s 3D geospatial data platform, TheGeoAnalystTM, and integration into Caltrans’ existing enterprise asset management systems, the data will allow Caltrans to meet their TAMP goals and satisfy reporting requirements within all 12 districts and headquarters.

“We are thrilled to work with Caltrans on this large, critically important project,” says Chief Revenue Officer Paul Braun. “This is one of many statewide asset inventory projects for us in recent years and is representative of the large-scale mapping projects we perform throughout the United States and across the globe to support mobility, safety of navigation, and national security.”

Public Works Director Tim Caya added, “Caltrans has a massive transportation network and vast amounts of assets to manage. We’ll help Caltrans better understand, analyze, and manage assets throughout the state. We recognize a project of this scale, and the range of regions within California, requires close communication and collaboration, and our team is fully prepared to deliver Caltrans the asset inventory and services they require.”

About Continental Mapping
Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC. is a dynamic, midsize geospatial technology and automation company providing authoritative geospatial answers for global markets. Sourcing data from earth, sky, and space, we develop actionable intelligence to enhance critical decision-making for government and private entities focused on national security, mobility, infrastructure, and environmental concerns. Proven processes and proprietary technologies augment our geospatial data collection, curation, analysis, and dissemination capabilities. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Continental Mapping has mapped in over 180 countries and on all seven continents.