Quanergy Unveils Next Generation 3D LiDAR Solution for Security, Smart Space and Smart City Markets

Innovative MQ-8 “smart beams” design delivers 75% longer classification range, enabling up to 15,000 m2 coverage with a single sensor
• Unique QORTEX Automated ID Handover™ allows accurate continuous tracking virtually on an unlimited basis
• Drastic reduction of false alarm by 85%  decreases the cost of security services
• Delivers 10-20x lower cost/coverage area than equivalent camera-based system

PRGraphic MQ 8 July 15 20Sunnyvale, Calif. – July 15, 2020 – Quanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart perception solutions, today unveiled the MQ-8 solution family, a new generation of 3D LiDAR sensors and perception software which are part of Quanergy’s Flow Management™ platform. Designed with a new smart beam configuration, the MQ-8 solution delivers up to 140 m continuous tracking range, enabling up to 15,000 m2 coverage with a single sensor ideal for flow management applications like security, smart city, social distancing and smart space industries.

The MQ-8 solution paired with QORTEX DTC™ perception software, is designed specifically for sophisticated flow management applications, requiring the accurate tracking of large number of people and vehicles in complex environments;

Improves Traffic Flow and Passenger Safety
Smart cities can automate critical processes that increase pedestrian safety by reducing near misses and accidents, reduce pollution by lowering the number of idling vehicles, and reduce commute time by improving traffic flow.

Provides Unprecedented Insights in Retail & Shopping Malls
Quanergy’s MQ-8 solution anonymously and accurately captures individual movements within large crowds to provide insights about flow and a number of people in retail stores or across shopping malls.  This data can be used for businesses to more accurately comply with social distancing policies, increase sales conversions, or analyze foot traffic patterns to optimize store and resource planning. Its new QORTEX Automated ID Handover™ also offer ID tracking across an entire mall.

Increase Security and Reduce Costly False Alarms
When integrated with Video Management Systems, such as Genetec Security Center™ RSA and PTZ cameras, the MQ-8 solution precisely pinpoints the location of potential threats, helping reduce costly false alarms and optimizing precious security resources.

The new MQ-8 solution provides unmatched performance thanks to its innovative, patent-pending design.

100x Broader Coverage Area than Cameras
Delivers industry leading range, capable of tracking and classifying over 250 people and vehicles with 95% accuracy up to 70 m (140 m diameter).  Due to its unique asymmetric beam design, a single MQ-8 solution can cover up to 15,000 m2 area, up to 100x broader than equivalent camera-based systems.

10-20x Lower TCO than equivalent camera-based systems
The MQ-8 expanded coverage allows the users to cover broad areas such as malls, airports, parking lots, etc. with much fewer sensors than required with cameras, at a 10-20 lower cost/coverage area.

Superior Accuracy, Continuous & Unlimited Tracking
The new QORTEX Automated ID Handover™ allows continuous tracking of a person or a vehicle throughout the entire systems’ field of view, virtually on an unlimited basis. This capability allows for very powerful, systems-wide data solutions such as curb to gate application at airport, flow management/footfall analytics in retail, social distancing application in public venue like stadium.

“Quanergy’s MQ-8 and QORTEX DTC provide the most accurate, and longer range 3D LiDAR Flow Management solution in the market, and it’s ideal to protect critical infrastructures from unwanted intrusions,” said Mark O’Reilly, Head of Innovation from Quantum Labs.  “Its QORTEX Automated ID Handover™ capability is absolutely unique and provides a powerful solution to track intruders along the perimeter of mission-critical buildings.  We have completed field testing of the MQ-8 and the result are very impressive.  This is a game-changer and when combined with “Automated ID Handover™” we know the customers will love it.”

The MQ-8 long-range solution is a perfect complement to the current M8 mid-range version, commercially deployed around the world in over 20 airports, 25 major smart cities, and the new breakthrough QORTEX S3-2 People Counter, also announced today.

The MQ-8 solution is immediately available. To request more information about the new MQ-8, contact sales@quanery.com.

About Quanergy Systems, Inc.
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