Level Five Supplies Launches Cost-Effective Social Distancing Monitoring System to Keep Consumers Safe as Lockdown Relaxes

Autonomous technology specialists Level Five Supplies has launched a new social distancing monitoring system based on the most up-to-date driverless car research that will enable organisations to re-open public and enclosed areas safely as Europe begins its long journey out of lockdown.

The social distance monitoring application has been added to SENSR-I a 3D perception software which is used in collaboration with LiDAR sensors https://levelfivesupplies.com/social-distance-monitoring-tools/

LiDAR is the natural progression upgrade for current generation 2D camera monitoring systems as it enables more robust and accurate distance measuring than traditional video analytics and is therefore a safer solution for social distancing monitoring.

The problem with cameras is that they are ‘passive’, and rely on photons coming from a source, such as lights or the sun, to illuminate a target and it is difficult to accurately define size, location and direction over a wide area. In contrast LiDAR is an active sensor meaning pedestrians, vehicles and other objects can be easily and accurately plotted in real-time, day or night.

The new application allows organisations to measure the distance between any individuals in real-time, along with speed, trajectory, and a count of other pedestrians in an area, whether indoors, outdoors, a simple courtyard or complex shopping mall for as little as 0.26p per square metre over a three year period.

It has already been used in Asia which is further along the COVID-19 trajectory. The South Korean Government has installed the system in and around municipal buildings and infrastructure, including airports.

The system can easily be integrated with many existing VMS and has a powerful and flexible API.

Comments Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, founder of Level Five Supplies:
“Social distance monitoring is becoming the buzz phrase of getting out and beginning the long painful journey back to what might approach normality, at least before a mass-produced vaccine is available.  It is therefore critical that where the public coalesce in densely populated areas – shopping centres, reception and lobby areas, airports and at gatherings – that social distancing is measured in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Using a safe, well established and high resolution technology borrowed from autonomous cars and surveying, LiDAR means that pedestrian position, distance to other pedestrians, and people counting – all within the parameters of GDPR (since no personally identifiable information is gathered) – is possible both easily and cost efficiently. Safeguarding will be the next big trend and this system will enable organisations to demonstrate to the Government and their customers that they are being responsible.”

About Level Five Supplies
Level Five Supplies was founded by Alex Lawrence-Berkeley in November 2018 to help small companies and academics get access to autonomy-enabling technology at an affordable price point. Located in Frome, Somerset, Level Five Supplies operates across Europe, working with cutting-edge manufacturers to supply the best products and solutions to developers working on robotics and autonomous vehicles, from LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors to data storage and drive-by-wire systems. Level Five Supplies is a member of ADS Group and its activities have been enthusiastically received by government bodies. Find out more at levelfivesupplies.com or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.