Novlum Announces uniDEM 2.0 Release

Calgary, AB – December 5, 2019 – uniDEM 2.0 paves the way to an automated, customized, scalable, high-throughput DEM editing process.

Novlum announces a new release of uniDEM software including new tools designed to automate DEM post-processing mainly to produce Digital Terrain Models (DTM):

  • uniDEM Bare Ground Classification Tool separates bare ground terrain from non-bare ground features in raster DEMs automatically.
  • uniDEM LIDAR Point Classification Tool classifies LIDAR points into several categories, e.g. top and middle level of vegetation heights, ground and water, using spectral and spatial information.
  • uniDEM’s Scripting Tool is the core of automated DEM Editing. It allows the creation of customized workflow batch processes using functions and tools built in uniDEM based on graphical programming.

“This uniDEM release enables automated but customized creation of Terrain Models. Up to 95% of DTM editing can be done automatically using uniDEM tools. This process is scalable and thus suited for large-area DEM production, for raster as well as LIDAR Point Cloud data”, said Graham Garvey, Head of Mapping and Co-founder of Novlum. “uniDEM is highly advantageous for users with respect to reproducibility and consistency of the results while minimizing production time and cost.”

uniDEM is a low-cost stand-alone software and runs on any Windows desktop or laptop. It doesn’t require any specific hardware. The inexpensive price makes uniDEM affordable for all users.

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About Novlum
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