AeroVironment Unveils VAPOR All-Electric Helicopter UAS

Customizable Payload, Sensors for Geospatial and Infrastructure Survey and Mapping

  • VAPOR’s precision flight control and delivery capabilities create a comprehensive UAS toolkit for geospatial and infrastructure inspections.
  • VAPOR product line delivers advanced performance, endurance and payload flexibility.
  • VAPOR 35 and VAPOR 55 provide vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and one hour of flight time on a single battery charge.

AeroVironment VAPOR® 55 Helicopter UAS with Drop/Delivery Mechanism and gimbaled EO/IR camera.  (Photo: AeroVironment)

VAPOR®, an all-electric helicopter UAS is now available from AeroVironment, Inc. VAPOR’s precision flight control, heavy lift and endurance capabilities combined with advanced LiDAR sensors enables operators to generate precise 3D mapping data and high density, geo-referenced datasets for infrastructure and geospatial inspections.

VAPOR – Intelligently Designed To Perform
Combining military-grade components, advanced flight control and broad payload flexibility, VAPOR features a fully-automatic flight operation with dynamic re-tasking to ensure safety, reliability and an adaptable mission execution for geospatial and infrastructure inspections. With an expansive payload bay of up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg), VAPOR can support a variety of integrated sensors and third-party payloads including gimbaled EO/IR, survey-grade PPK mapping, LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors and an available Drop/Delivery Mechanism. VAPOR is powered by proprietary HeliSynth™ technology for optimization that provides advanced autopilot, payload command and control and endurance.

Two VAPOR all-electric Helicopter UAS options are now available, enabling customers to choose the right configuration based on mission requirements. Both options offer the flexibility to create custom configurations that can incorporate end-user provided equipment.

VAPOR® 35 (GTOW 32 lbs., 14.5 kg) – With an advanced autopilot and a variety of available sensors, VAPOR 35 provides the flexibility to meet the most demanding missions. An aerodynamic 3-blade rotor design and high-energy, lithium-polymer batteries deliver up to one hour of flight time. Additionally, it is housed in a single-case that can be handled by one person.

VAPOR® 55 (GTOW 55 lbs., 24.9 kg) – The versatile, powerful and easily configured VAPOR 55 is designed to satisfy complex mapping requirements such as PPK, hyperspectral and LiDAR mapping. This model can hold up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of single or multiple payload weight (belly, side or slung), which can include a variety of integrated sensors, Drop/Delivery Mechanisms or third-party payload options.

Developed at AeroVironment Innovation Center-Midwest, VAPOR incorporates more than a decade of aerospace engineering, technical research and development to bring to market high-performance helicopter UAS at attractive price points for defense, commercial and industrial customers conducting surveying and mapping or infrastructure inspections.

VAPOR systems are now available for ordering. Learn more at or visit AeroVironment in booth 325 at Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 28-30, 2019.