Eldim to Introduce VCProbe-NIR-DSD for a Fast, Angle-Dependent Characterization of NIR Emitters

Live demonstration and real time measurement at the automotive lidar conference and exhibition in Detroit

EldimThe VCProbe-NIR-DSD is specially designed to precisely measure small aperture of NIR sources. This system can measure all kinds of sources such as LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, Laser Diode and VCSEL widely used for driverless cars. This system has an angular aperture of ±40° and an excellent angular resolution, it measures in real time a full map of any NIR source. It is a system optimized for individual VCSEL and has a working distance of 30 mm. The VCProbe-NIR-DSD is calibrated at a wavelength of 850 nm, 905nm, 940nm.

Eldim Designed VCProbe-NIR-DSD system is a proof of concept setup to characterize LIDAR and VCSEL components in near-infrared (NIR) light. This innovative system for characterizing NIR emitters is unique to Eldim and intends to measure the angle dependent properties of NIR light sources It can be used both in R&D as well as for quality control in production.

The system features contactless measurements that generates, within a single measurement, the viewing angle of ±40° that provides an outstanding angular resolution of 0.05°.

It takes less than half a second to measure and characterize the far field, making this product substantially different from conventional methods that require several hours for comparable measurements using a goniometer. The precise characterization of NIR sources such as surface emitters is used in the LIDAR range for sensor analyses on driverless cars or remote sensing. NIR based facial recognition, for example used in smart phones or security related banking applications can also by perfected using this technology. Apple for example uses another Eldim technology in the production of the iPhoneX to characterize its Face ID.

It is to be noted, that this equipment is perfectly adapted to mass production and can also be customized to the customers needs.

Eldim will exhibit the VCProbe-NIR-DSD on its stand (number 16) at the Automotive Lidar conference and exhibition with a live demo and real time measurements.

Eldim has achieved an expertise in the field of 3D sensing technology notably in the manufacturing of components that allow for optical analysis of angular characteristics. Eldim has also been collaborating with Apple for almost a decade with a focus on R&D and was also visited by Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2017. The company has also provided crucial optical recognition technology for the iPhone X.

About Eldim
ELDIM is a world leader in optical measurement equipment, as well as a viewing angle analysis expert with thirty years of experience. With strong R&D capability ELDIM developed innovative NIR viewing angle devices. Based on the Optical Fourier Technology ELDIM equipment are accurate, fast and reliable. The equipment is used for R&D, mass production/QC, test or certification labs purposes for innovative & mature technologies such as LIDAR, VSCELs, for automotive application (self-driving car). Since 1994, Eldim equipment has been in use worldwide, especially in laboratories, quality control and check as well by screen manufacturers.  In north America the Eldim equipment is used by the big four tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Apple for instance is using one of Eldim’s technology for facial recognition camera found on IPhoneX.