USIBD’s Version 3 of the Level of Accuracy (LOA) Specification Version 3.0 Publishes Today

Accessible via two platforms

LOA V.3coverartTustin, California – August 20, 2019 – The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce the publication of its Level of Accuracy (LOA) Specification, Version 3.0 – 2019 today.  When teams understand why the LOA is being used on their project there’s a greater expectation that they will comply with the requirements that are stipulated.

This third version of USIBD’s most often downloaded document offers improvements and refinements to the Specification, based on feedback received from across the industry.  These improvements include:

  • A Statement of Intent section provides the specifier with the ability to describe the Intent of the prescribed LOA so all parties utilizing the specification will understand purpose for which it was specified.
  • Defined upper range for LOA 10
  • A User Defined LOA (UDLOA)
  • Redesigned Reference Frame Specification, for when specifying either absolute or relative framing
  • Enhanced Validation Specification, expanded to offer a more in-depth description of each method of validation
  • New graphical, printing and usability enhancements to that make the workflow easier for teams to implement the standard successfully

The new online version of the LOA Specification is being published in two formats:  the current .xlsm spreadsheet, and now in an online collaboration format, via LOD Planner, a member of USIBD.  Both versions are available free of charge.

Spreadsheet:  The LOA Version 3.0 – 2019 package includes the Specification spreadsheet, a User Guide and four sample documents.  The LOA v.3 is available to download free of charge, from the USIBD online store.

Online:  This new online version of the LOA provides a collaboration version via LOD Planner.  All members of reviewing team can sign up to have access to a single, live online version of a standard for a project.  This alleviates having multiple versions of the Specification existing, where tracking can be an issue.  Find the sign-up form available on the eStore of the USIBD website (depending on how our web guru sets it up on the eStore, either in the Documents section or as a link to sign-up in a separate section – website functionality will determine).

Live LOA V.3 Certification training and testing at USIBD’s Symposium in St. Louis.
An initial live certification training/testing will be offered at USIBD’s Symposium, September 16-18 in St. Louis.  The session will be held on Wednesday, September 18th at 1 pm.  Registration information will be published shortly.

After the Symposium, the training and will be available online.  USIBD members will receive member discounts on the registration fees.  Find out more about the Symposium sessions being offered and registration here.

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