EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT – Exciting Opportunities with the Standardized European UAS Market

Air taxis, delivery drones, et al – strategic concepts for manned and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in urban areas

Stuttgart/Braunschweig/Karlsruhe, 25 June 2019. According to the newly published Drone Industry Barometer 2019, there are expected to be over 400,000 drones in commercial use in Europe by 2025. This represents a major challenge for European air traffic control. At various levels of the political landscape – including the European – this development is being handled by creating regulatory frameworks. In future, the European Commission, supported by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), will be responsible for regulating civilian operations for all weight classes of drone. Its tasks include ensuring drones are used safely, making it easier to safeguard the privacy rights of individual citizens and helping address security issues and environmental concerns to the benefit of EU citizens. Enforcing these regulations will still remain in the purview of the national authorities.

The new EU regulations for unmanned aircraft systems are the focus of the 2nd EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT (EDS), which will be held in Stuttgart on 18 and 19 September as part of INTERGEO, the world’s leading trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. The international conference is organised by UAV DACH e.V., the leading trade association for commercial unmanned aircraft systems, and HINTE Expo & Conference.

Content of the EDS 2019
Representatives from the German Federal Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, along with EU parliamentarians from Austria, France and the Netherlands will discuss the opportunities and challenges of commercial drone applications for air traffic in Europe with technological experts and users. What safety measures are required for the drone market in Europe to achieve the necessary acceptance? Which technologies will be used in future to ensure UAS are safely integrated into our airspace?

Potential for smart cities
A key focus is on the potential drones offer for smart cities. Experts see drones as the elemental solutions provider for a diverse range of urban applications that go far beyond people travelling by air taxi. “In gridlocked cities, they can deliver blood reserves from A to B, for example, help emergency doctors with their work, monitor air quality, or record information about traffic flow on the ground so as to coordinate it better. Drones are able to offer a whole package of benefits for the residents of smart cities,” says Achim Friedl, Chairman of UAV DACH e.V.

Protecting critical infrastructures
The EDS is particularly focusing on the critical infrastructures such as airports that require a special degree of protection, as shown by the high number of temporary closures and disruptions caused by drones. “In addition to the substantial technical investments in each airport that have to be funded, a decision also has to be made regarding who is responsible for providing protection against non-compliant UAS,” says Udo Hansen, President of the Bundesverband der Luftsicherheitsunternehmen (German Association of Air Safety Companies). At EDS, he is representing the position of the companies that ensure safety and security at airports. He is supported by Professor Elmar Giemulla, who will illuminate the legal issues related to the subject.

Best practice and success stories
The programme is rounded off with a wide range of reports of practical applications and many success stories that drone technology is writing all over the world, e.g. in the field of medical supplies.

EDS evening event
A special highlight is the evening event, to which all conference participants are invited, where the focus is on personal discussions and networking.

Tickets available now
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The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is the European platform for discussing the current needs of the UAS industry, both for people with an interest in the industry and for long-standing aficionados. Meetings on specialist subjects cover business models and strategies, particularly on the topics of safety and security both by and against UAS, integrating UAS into airspace as a whole, vertical mobility using UAS in urban environments, and UAS services based on the example of medical provision.

Event date and slogan
Strategic Concepts for Unmanned Aviation in Urban Areas
18–19 September 2019 in Stuttgart
Information, programme and registration at w w w. europeandronesummit. eu