New UAV Partner for RIEGL USA

RIEGL Further Strengthens ULS / UAS Market Presence

RieglRIEGL is proud to announce the expansion of its North American presence in the ULS / UAS market with a new OEM partner, GreenValley International Inc (GVI). GreenValley International is the most recent addition to the growing base of renowned integrators.

Operating out of their North American headquarters in Berkeley, California, GreenValley International joins a distinguished group of RIEGL OEM partners.

With strong support from RIEGL, GreenValley International will further promote RIEGL UAS-based LiDAR innovations. This is accomplished through expanding their unique LiAir series UAS solutions, making use of RIEGL miniVUX-1 or VUX-1 series sensors inside the LiAir 250, LiAir 1000, and LiEagle systems, respectively. The LiAir series is fully supported by GVI’s proprietary software suite accommodating a wide variety of applications, such as powerline inspection, topographic survey, and forestry analysis.

Leo Liu, Director of Marketing & Sales for GVI, says that “RIEGL continues to push the limits of the technology with state-of-the-art sensors, setting gold standards across the industries GVI is targeting with our integrated solutions. We are very excited to join this selected group of RIEGL OEM partners and strive to bring to our global customers more innovative UAS LiDAR solutions powered by the best RIEGL sensors.”

My-Linh Truong, ULS / UAS Segment Manager at RIEGL USA, states, “GVI focuses on providing turn key LiDAR solutions, and I’m pleased to welcome the partnership. The team is led by Leo Liu, whose extensive years with the U.S. Forestry Service further solidifies the advanced analysis capabilities of LiForest, now a module in the LiDAR360 suite, making their solution a game-changer in the forestry industry. I’m looking forward for them to deliver their next systems in North America.”

RIEGL is very excited about this new partnership with GreenValley International along with their first order of miniVUX-1UAV’s and is looking forward to a strong and mutually beneficial partnership!

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