The Demand for Airborne LINX in the European Police Force Grows

AirborneTechnologies 1807Since the release of Airborne Technologies Airborne LINX leading-edge surveillance system, more and more European Police Forces are integrating this capability into their fleets and joining the LINX club.

The latest member to join is the Bulgarian Border Guard. Airborne Technologies was awarded a FRONTEX funded contract to upgrade one of the Bulgarian Border Guard’s AW109 helicopters with the Airborne LINX system. Besides the integration of Airborne LINX, the platform will be high-end equipped with a FLIR Star Safire 380 HD, an ECS Line of Sight Downlink and a payload friendly carbon fibre tactical workstation.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, said: “We are proud that Airborne LINX is on the rise amongst Europe´s Police Forces. With the Bulgarian Border Guard, a further European authority trusts our experience and our innovative solutions. In the meantime, aircraft – rotary and fixed wing – with our surveillance technology on board are on duty for numerous police forces all over Europe. With the AW109 missionized with Airborne LINX, the Bulgarian Border Guard will be one of the best-equipped police forces in Europe. Welcome to the club!”