Amberg Announces Tunnel Inspection 4.0

Multisensor system for efficient condition monitoring of tunnels


A novel measuring system should significantly simplify the inspection of tunnel constructions in the future: geometry, surface structure and water inlet are recorded by a single sensor system. The measurement data are made available in digital form and can be used for BIM processes.

In the future, a compact multisensor system should provide precise and objective measurement data of tunnel constructions. The system will collect data on geometry, surface structure and water inlet in tunnels in a single measuring procedure and will provide the measurement data in digital format, compliant with BIM. The German AKG company group, Amberg Technologies AG from Switzerland and Elaborarium SL from Spain are working with Fraunhofer IPM as research partner in a joint project for the integrated inspections process for which a novel multisensor system will be developed.

Tunnels are critical components of transport infrastructure. Structural defects in tunnel constructions, such as cracks or water inlets, pose great risks. To ensure sufficient security, legislation stipulates regular condition monitoring. Today, inspections are carried out using various measuring techniques such as cameras and tactile measuring instruments. The processes are tedious and cost up to several thousand euros per square meter of tunnel wall. The resultant data are available in a wide range of different formats and the degree of digitalization is minimal. However, digital measurement data play an important role for long-term structural monitoring as well as for optimized construction planning in line with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

P1060021The aim of the “OpOrTunIty” (Operation Oriented Tunnel Inspection System) project, which started in October 2018, is an all-embracing process for the inspection of tunnel systems – from data collection to automated data analysis up to integration into a BIM-compliant planning system. The core technology is a novel multisensory system collecting high-resolution and georeferenced data on construction geometry, surface structure and humidity of the tunnel wall in a single measurement run. A high-speed scanner records the entire tunnel wall using several lasers with different wavelengths. A completely new deflection unit will be developed to ensure efficient and comprehensive detection. The laser provides photorealistic 2D images also displaying small objects or cracks of less than one millimeter. The system is eye-safe and works independently of lighting conditions. Moreover, an additional multispectral measuring unit will detect water inlets. In the future, the project partners will for the first time offer inspection services based on the multisensory system as a completely integrated, objective process.

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