DotProduct Announces Dot3D 3.0 with Intel RealSense 3D Scanning on Windows

With the release of Dot3D 3.0 and Dot3D Scan, DotProduct users with Intel RealSense depth cameras can now capture 3D scans directly into Dot3D on Windows tablets and PCs.

Frankfurt, Germany, 17 October, 2018 – Today at INTERGEO 2018DotProduct LLC announces the release of Dot3D™ 3.0 and Dot3D™ Scan. For the past two years, Dot3D™ has complemented the DPI-8X and DPI-8X SR handheld 3D scanners by offering rapid and effective editing capabilities for DotProduct scan data on Windows and Android devices. With the addition of Dot3D™ Scan, users can now capture 3D data with Intel® RealSense D400-Series depth cameras.

“Intel® RealSense™ technology is used to build products that enrich people’s lives through devices and machines that perceive the world in 3D. We are excited to see DotProduct design their Dot3D™ software to be compatible with RealSense™ technology”, said Sagi BenMoshe, vice president and general manager of the Intel RealSense Group.

Indoor and outdoor 3D capture now possible with Dot3D™ Scan and Intel® RealSenseTM
Intel® RealSenseTM D400-Series depth cameras utilize stereo vision to calculate depth, overcoming the daylight limitations typical of infrared sensors. This opens up a wide range of applications for DotProduct customers previously hindered by sunlight limitations, allowing for real-time capture of dense, full-color 3D point clouds in a wide variety of environments. From construction to crime scene mapping, utility documentation, archaeology, and more, the solution for outdoor handheld 3D capture has arrived.

Dot3D™ 3.0 is now available for direct download from the DotProduct website, and can be activated with a Dot3D™ Scan annual license or a free 14-day trial license. Dot3D™ Scan currently supports the Intel® RealSenseTM D415, D435, and D410 depth cameras. Additional cameras will be supported as they become available. The D415 and D435 can be ordered directly from the Intel website today, as well as through authorized Intel distribution partners.

Introductory pricing for Dot3D™ Scan starts at $245 USD per year, including unlimited scans of up to 20 million points, 3D cropping, measurement, annotation, optimization, and much more. For capture of larger scenes and use of professional features including survey control, Autodesk ReCap export, and append, DotProduct will be releasing Dot3D™ Pro later this fall.

DotProduct is also excited to be working with several ruggedized tablet manufacturers who are integrating Intel® RealSenseTM depth cameras into their offerings, including DT Research™, MobileDemand, and Panasonic. Ruggedized tablets provide an excellent solution for durability and reliability across industries. Today’s Intel® RealSenseTM integrated tablets include the DT Research DT301X Rugged Tablet, MobileDemand xTablet T1270 and xTablet T1150, and Panasonic FZ-M1. MobileDemand also offers rugged attachment options for the Intel® RealSenseTM D415 that are compatible with other xTablets and MobileDemand rugged xCases. Microsoft® Surface Pro®, Surface Go®, and other Windows tablets also pair nicely for less demanding environments. INTERGEO 2018 attendees are invited to stop by the DotProduct Stand 12.1H.062 during all expo hours for live demonstrations of Dot3D™ Scan on a wide variety of platforms.

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If you are on site for INTERGEO 2018 this week, please come find us at Stand 12.1H.062. We will be demonstrating live 3D capture from Dot3D Scan on several different Windows tablets all day today and tomorrow.