Solv3D Announces Support for Additional Datasets within SiteVisit360 Geospatial Collaboration Platform

Calgary – October 9, 2018 – Solv3D, a leading provider of point cloud processing, geospatial data visualization and collaboration tools is pleased to announce, as part of their efforts to continually enhance the client’s experience, a key new feature has just been released within SiteVisit360™, making it an even more efficient and effective tool in enabling visualization and collaboration of geospatial data across the enterprise.

Now offering support of both OGC and Esri WMS/WMTS/WFS data streaming services, as well as ArcGIS Online integration, customers will now be able to exploit their existing data subscriptions and services within the SiteVisit360 environment, providing further value and increasing the return on investment for the myriad of geospatial datasets used within their workflows.

“I am very excited about this new release.” says Scott Campbell, chief executive officer, “It contains support that will let allow clients to access their existing data services within SiteVisit360. This provides users with an unprecedented amount of flexibility in a geospatial visualization platform, taking collaboration and project management to a whole new level with this functionality.

Kevin Miller, chief technology officer states, “This release addresses some of the challenges in using multiple types of geospatial data that is already available. Having this data accessible all in one place allows for extensive re-use and collaboration within your organization. I’m excited to see what innovative applications our clients can define and put to use with this functionality”

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About Solv3D
Solv3D creates tools that enable people to effectively use large 3D point clouds and immersive imagery within their existing workflows. Using the 3DPointLogic™ toolkit, individuals can easily turn massive point clouds into manageable data sets. With the SiteVisit360™ collaborative platform, companies can merge 3D point cloud data, imagery and other georeferenced assets, resulting in a virtual project environment, allowing them to more effectively leverage the value of their datasets for estimation, planning, design, and decision-making. For more information, please visit the Solv3D website at