FARO and STORMBEE Partner to Optimize Traceable Construction

Breakthrough Wide Area 3D Scanning Solution

FARO StormbeeKorntal-Münchingen, 25th September 2018: FARO® (NASDAQ: FARO) the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for Construction BIM and STORMBEE®, a pioneer in Mobile UAV technology, have partnered to offer an integrated, cost effective airborne 3D scanning solution specifically designed to optimize on-site capturing workflows as part of FARO’s Traceable ConstructionTM https://constructionbim.faro.com/en/traceable-construction/. This integrated solution includes the best in class FARO Focus laser scanner and the STORMBEE S series UAV and BEEFLEX software suite.

Enhanced Productivity
The FARO – STORMBEE airborne solution enables wide area scanning missions, such as highway or train infrastructure, large construction sites and buildings as well as open pit mines. While these would take days when scanned from the ground, they can now be completed in just hours without interrupting traffic on in process construction work. Additionally, this airborne solution further enhances productivity by allowing users to capture complex environments, such as factories, chemical plants or other infrastructure features inaccessible to ground based scanning, from the air with exceptional levels of accuracy and detail and create as-built drawings, isometrics and facilitate analysis. The data can then download to FARO BuildIT Construction software to monitor construction quality control and progress or to easily create as-built CAD models with FARO As-Built Suite.

Optimized Resource Deployment
The user-friendly BEEFLEX software allows users to create centimeter level accurate point clouds directly from the in-flight data. Furthermore, the intuitive user interface assures that just about anyone can become a viable “expert” with no more than one hour of hands on training. Finally, BEEFLEX data can be exported directly into FARO SCENE software for further analysis and/or to combine aerial scans with the detail rich data from terrestrial scanners.

“STORMBEE has developed and validated its UAV credibility from real life testing in the most rigorous environments” explains Liesbeth Buyck, CEO of STORMBEE“. As a result, we are confident that this turnkey solution, that includes the STORMBEE UAV and the FARO Focus laser scanner, creates a new reliability and quality benchmark for airborne 3D data capture solutions”.

“FARO pioneered the Traceable ConstructionTM end to end value concept and continues to innovate the construction industry by optimizing end user experience and value”, states Andreas Gerster Vice President FARO Construction BIM. “With the combination of the unique competencies of FARO and STORMBEE, we are now able to drive a new level of time and cost effectiveness for wide area 3D data capture for large construction projects or projects where terrestrial based scanning is not the most viable option”.

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