British Information Modelling Event Kicks Off Week of Built Environment Innovation and Technology

Arup BIM EventLondon, 25 Sept 2018 – 3D Repo’s sixth British Information Modelling event will celebrate innovation and technology in the built environment. Taking place at the start of Digital Construction Week on the 15th October, the evening seminar and networking event at ARUP’s global headquarters in London will feature key speakers from leading industry organisations including Mott Macdonald and Mace, together with the UK government’s innovation agency Innovate UK. This event is free to attend although pre-registration is required.

Graham Aldwinkle, Associate Director at Arup, will host this bi-annual event, introducing speakers and engaging with the audience to spark debate and interaction. Confirmed speakers and topics include Marzia Bolpagni, an advocate for BIM in business and education and Strategic Business Advisor for BIM at international construction and consultancy company Mace. She will talk about the future of LOD (Level of Development) requirements which define the content and reliability of BIM elements at different stages of a project.

A representative from Innovate UK will present the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. The fund aims to bring together the UK’s world-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time as part of government’s £4.7 billion investment in R&D over 4 years. Michael Gaunt, Information Manager at Mott Macdonald, will present Safetibase, a brand new online platform which tracks and analyses health and safety issues related to construction and Carmen Fan, Chief Technical Officer at 3D Repo, will also present to the audience the latest developments in cloud based BIM.

The latest British Information Modelling event will also introduce start-ups Aphex, founded to promote efficiency and data driven analysis in the construction industry, and Converge, developers of wireless concrete strength sensor technology. Oliver Hughes, co-founder and director of Digital Construction Week (DCW) will give an overview of the week’s event.

The British Information Modelling event takes place from 18h00 to 22h00 on 15th October 2018 at Arup HQ, 8 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ. The event is free to attend and places will be offered to qualifying professionals on a first come first served basis. For further information and to register for this event visit

About 3D Repo
3D Repo is a multi-award winning company offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud. Instead of architects, consultants and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted knowledge base in order to examine each project stage virtually. With 3D Repo, users can manage model revisions and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools, which allow the whole project team to work from a single source of truth. More than 40 different 3D file formats are decomposed and federated in the company’s big data repository. Additionally, the project knowledge base can be accessed via VR giving a live experience which has applications in Health and Safety training and client experiences. 3D Repo also includes patent pending technology to identify, in real-time changes and clashes in 3D models. By comparing the actual geometry of a model rather than underlying, software specific object IDs or labels, 3D Diff Change Detection can identify changes between models from different sources. 3D Diff Clash Detection automatically highlights intersections, and therefore potential conflicts, between different types of models. The 3D Repo team has collaborated on a number of large scale projects with companies such as ARUP, Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Crossrail and Canary Wharf Contractors.