USIBD Announces the Formation of a COBie Subcommittee

Certification training and testing to start in 2019

Tustin, California – September 20, 2018The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) announces the formation of the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Subcommittee, under the umbrella of the Education Committee.

The COBie Subcommittee will (1) establish the minimum set of knowledge required to reliably produce COBie design and construction deliverables, (2) create and administer an examination based on that knowledge, and (3) confer the title of COBie Certified Professional™ on those successfully completing this examination.

According to the inaugural chair of the COBie Subcommittee, Dr. Bill East, this subcommittee will focus on four areas:

Certification. Create and offer the COBie Certified Professional™ program. Those holding active certifications will be listed on the USIBD Resources page online.

Training. Evaluate and list well-qualified training programs to help companies prepare for COBie Certified Professional™ contract requirements.

Leadership. Form an Industry Advisory Group to assist in documenting the costs of poor building documentation and establish practice guidelines.

Outreach. Reach out to owners, designers, builders, and facility operators and maintainers, through their professional and trade associations.

The inaugural meeting of the COBie Subcommittee will be Dr. East’s presentation of the Subcommittee’s mission and goals next Wednesday, September 26th at the 2018 Symposium, held in conjunction with BIMForum, in Las Vegas.  Registration is still open for the Symposium:

And walk-in registrations are welcome the day of the event.  See more about the Symposium and BIMForum at

Participation in all USIBD committee work is dependent upon membership.  If you are not yet a member of USIBD, go to to complete the membership application.

To get involved, contact Dr. East directly at

Find information about the Subcommittee on the new and improved USIBD website at: 

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