Fugro Helps Western Power Strengthen Its Network’s Asset Management

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Fugro is using its cloud-based Roames platform to host survey data on Western Power’s overhead network in Western Australia, providing a real-world, digital twin of its assets and helping to drive business efficiencies

Western Power has awarded Fugro a contract valued at over AUD 5 million to capture data and undertake modelling of its electricity assets. The company is a Western Australian State Government-owned corporation with a vast transmission and distribution network and is directly responsible for managing the physical network including its poles, wires, substations and other infrastructure.

Under the contract, Fugro will capture engineering-quality data of Western Power’s complete 75,000-kilometre overhead network and will host the data on its cloud-based Roames platform. Roames combines cutting edge remote sensing technologies with cloud computing and machine learning algorithms to deliver a complete and accurate, real-world, digital twin of a power company’s assets.

The data captured by Fugro will provide asset and vegetation analytics and desktop scoping opportunities and solutions, helping Western Power to deliver a number of asset management programmes. Another important part of the project is to match all surveyed assets with Western Power’s geographical information system (GIS), removing ambiguities in spatial information. In combination with Roames, the information forms an enabling platform for developing and implementing advanced digital and analytical decision support tools for asset management that can help drive business efficiencies.

Jared Baronian, Fugro’s Manager Power Asia-Pacific, welcomed Western Power to the fast-growing group of global utilities providers using the Roames platform for virtual world asset management. “Fugro monitors well over two million spans of network on a yearly cycle in Australia, Europe and the USA, through the Roames platform,” he said. “This latest contract demonstrates our continuing focus on developing asset management solutions to help utilities companies reduce operational costs and improve safety and customer service.”

About Fugro
Fugro is the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions. Fugro acquires and analyses data on topography and the subsurface, soil composition, meteorological and environmental conditions, and provides related advice. With its geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions Fugro supports the safe, efficient and sustainable development and operation of buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructure and the exploration and development of natural resources. Fugro works around the globe, predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore, employing approximately 10,000 people in 65 countries. In 2017, revenue amounted to EUR 1.5 billion. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

About Western Power
Western Power is a Western Australian State Government-owned corporation. Western Power’s vast transmission and distribution network connects Western Australians to a wide range of both traditional and renewable energy sources to power a vibrant modern lifestyle. Although we have been delivering energy safely, reliably and efficiently for more than 70 years, our focus is always firmly on the future. In a rapidly changing landscape, our customers’ energy needs are evolving, and we intend to keep them connected every step of the way. Whether it’s residents connecting their dream home, developers building a shopping complex or a stadium hosting a world class sporting event, we are there to deliver. We are proud of our history and our people, and even prouder to be at the heart of Western Australia’s energy future.