LIDAR Leader Awards Preview: 2018 Nominee Preview

In conjunction with the first ever co-location of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Annual Conference and the International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) in Denver, the inaugural “LIDAR Leaders” awards ceremony will be held. The 2018 program addresses three distinct categories:

Outstanding Personal Achievement in LIDAR
Eligible individuals must have made significant impact to their organization, local or national community, involving technical excellence, professional development or innovation within the realm of geospatial LIDAR technology,

Outstanding Team Achievement in LIDAR
Eligible teams must demonstrate unique achievement in the area of service, project management, product development or other specialty accomplishment within the realm of geospatial LIDAR technology. Open to private and government organizations, teams of 2-99 members.

For the nominations see the PDF

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