Delair Announces Global Availability of UX11 Drone

Delair UX11 drone offers survey-grade capabilities, real-time processing and control in a fully-integrated, easy-to-use solution; now available through global network

South Pasadena, CA, Toulouse, France. April 26, 2018 Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, today announced the global availability of its breakthrough Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV, an innovative hardware-software platform that provides highly accurate images for survey-grade mapping, with on-board processing capabilities and real-time, long-range control. The platforms enhanced centimeter-level precision along with its efficient operational characteristics make it the most cost-effective solution for large area surveying and mapping.

The newest drone model from the pioneering UAV company passed its final testing phases and is now available from Delair Authorized Distributors in more than 70 countries.

In the US, the Delair UX11 is available from the following reseller partners: Allen Instruments & Supplies, AllTerra Central, GPServ Inc., Frontier Precision, Monsen Engineering, Navigation Electronics, Inc., Seiler Instrument, SITECH South, and SITECH Southwest.

The UX11 is an ideal solution for highly precise and safe mapping in a number of industries such as surveying, construction, oil & gas, utilities, mining, agriculture and transportation. It delivers integrated features for before, during and after flight operations, including an embedded global shutter camera, intuitive analytics and data reporting tools, post processed kinematic (PPK) capabilities for high quality results, and both 2.4 GHz wireless and 3G/4G cellular connectivity. The drones end-to-end system, combined with its operational performance benefits (allowing flights of up to 59 minutes covering over 500 acres at 400 feet), significantly lower the total cost of ownership compared to other surveying and mapping options.

The UX11 sets a new standard of efficiency, cost and quality in a long-range mapping platform. The drone itself is truly state-of-the-art in its design and construction, and it enables industry-leading performance, GSD and flight range, as well as streamlined maintenance, advantages that all reduce costs. The integrated processing capabilities are able to collect, analyze and share data and images in real time and provide users with accurate results that shape critical operational decisions and strategies. And its designed for flexible use in a variety of conditions and use models, further lowering TCO, said Chase Fly, Geospatial Product Manager at Delair.

The UX11 is an easy-to-assemble and easy-to-carry system, weighing in at just 1.4 kg. Its dimensions and takeoff capabilities make hand launching possible. The UAV features BTOL (bird-like take-off and landing) for steep-climb take offs and descents in confined areas. Reverse thrust and a ground sensor aid in controlled descents and precise, deep-stall soft landings.

The fully integrated smart camera produces exceptional quality and accurate results, with up to 1 cm of GSD. Optional on-board PPK further improves quality of results. The camera can be controlled while in flight, making mission adjustments and data quality monitoring an efficient process.

Two communications options are available with the UX11: the Delair Link for 2.4 GHz wireless communications, allowing connections anywhere and a range of up to 5 km; and an integrated secure cellular connection on partner 3G and 4G networks, which reduces potential interference issues and allows longer range control, including BVLOS operations. Communications to manage flight operations runs through the integrated ground control station (GCS), giving pilots complete control and quality assurance monitoring throughout the mission for more efficient operations.

The user-friendly work flow for the UX11 provides an intuitive user experience, during and after missions. The Delair Flight Deck software can be run from standard Android tablets and allows quick mission planning and pre-flight checks. Once airborne, real-time monitoring gives pilots flexibility and control to adjust flights, as well as see and verify results as they are collected to ensure the highest quality, photogrammetry-ready images are obtained. Post-flight analytics can be quickly performed through integration with popular photogrammetry software.

The UX11 is built to be future proof, with an open and extensible electronics edge-computing infrastructure that can be easily upgraded and incorporate new features as they are developed.

The Delair UX11 is available in a number of different packages and configurations to meet specific customer requirements. Go here for product specification information, and for more information on pricing and availability.

See the Delair UX11 video here:

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