DRONE VOLT Deployed in Germany Thanks to a Powerful Partnership

Germandrones, a German leader in drone technology supported by a powerful safety specialist.

Villepinte (France), March 6, 2018 – DRONE VOLT, a French manufacturer of drones for industrial professional use, announces the extension of its commercial network in Germany through a partnership with Germandrones GmbH.

In Germany, Germandrones has established itself as a specialist in professional drone technology, thanks to the development of a unique VTOL (vertical take-off drone) called Songbird.

The Germandrones Songbird UAV combines the benefits of multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs: due to its vertical start and landing capabilities, the Songbird does not require a dedicated runway and thus considerably reduces the risk of damage to the UAV or payload. Its excellent flying properties also allow operation at high wind speeds up to Force 8 (18 meters per second). Its ease of transport, tool-free assembly, long service life and low operating costs make it a very interesting tool for all users who want to cover large areas or long distances.

During 2017 the powerful German security and services group CONDOR invested into Germandrones to support its development. Since 1978, CONDOR has been a specialist for security solutions in Germany. The company employs 950 people and has a vast network with 15 branches spread out across the country. CONDOR offers a wide range of services, ranging from airport security and logistics to dangerous sites. CONDOR serves clients with various UAV solutions, from sales and maintenance to worldwide inspections including oil- and gas exploration. CONDOR has been named as one of the 3 most innovative suppliers in the world by DEUTSCHE BAHN AG. A win-win agreement

This agreement will enable DRONE VOLT to distribute its flagship products, the HERCULES and AERIALTRONICS PENSAR ranges, via the CONDOR / Germandrones sales force. At the same time, DRONE VOLT will expand its catalogue to include the Germandrones Songbird, a product that perfectly complements the Group’s existing offer. The two partners are already considering how to expand their initial agreement and the synergies that are to be considered.

Founded in 2011, DRONE VOLT is an aeronautical manufacturer specialized in drones for industrial professional use and artificial intelligence. DRONE VOLT is present in France, Benelux, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Switzerland and Indonesia. As a global partner, DRONE VOLT provides its clients with turnkey solutions including various UAV services and training courses. DRONE VOLT Group achieved a turnover of 7.8 million euros in 2017. DRONE VOLT mainly supplies, administrations and industrialists with aerial shots. Among its clients, are FRANCE TELEVISIONS, TF1, Gendarmerie des Transports Ariens (GTA), POINT. P and more… DRONE VOLT is recognized as an Innovative Enterprise by Bpifrance." For more information go to www.dronevolt.com