TetraVue Debuts First Long-Range, High-Resolution 4D Camera at CES 2018

First 4D Camera Provides Never Before Seen High Definition Video With Accurate Depth Information for Each Individual Pixel

Vista, Calif., December 14, 2017 CES 2018 TetraVue (www.tetravue.com), the leader in high definition 4D video LIDAR technology, today announced that the company will be demonstrating a game changing full-motion 4D video camera at CES 2018 in Las Vegas from January 9-12, in the North Hall, Booth 9130. For the first time, the multi-megapixel resolution and motion capture accuracy of digital video are combined with the range capability of LIDAR. TetraVue adds an entirely new fourth dimension of depth to digital video with the ability to capture accurate depth information at the pixel-level. This new camera technology is poised to transform markets including autonomous vehicles, machine vision, factory automation and the entertainment industry.

With 100x more real-time spatial and motion data about the surrounding environment, AI-enabled ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) and autonomous driving can more quickly identify dangerous situations for a safer driving experience. In cinematography and AR/VR applications, depth information at the individual pixel level revolutionizes motion capture, digital asset acquisition and 4D visualization. TetraVue enables the rapid creation of virtual worlds from real-world scenes, transforming labor intensive manual approaches and dramatically reducing post-production time and cost. A better set of high definition machine vision eyes with accurate depth perception can help transform Industry 4.0 retooling of manufacturing and distribution.

From a digital video perspective, the world is no longer flat, said Hal Zarem, TetraVue CEO. The richness and clarity of high resolution 4D video is transformative.

4D Camera Technology Details
TetraVue 4D video technology merges capabilities of digital video and LIDAR with a radically different approach. TetraVue illuminates a scene with a non-visible, eye safe flash at up to thirty frames per second to capture full motion. Distance to each pixel in an image is determined simultaneously with a patented optical encoder coupled with a multi-megapixel CMOS image sensor. The camera outputs a greyscale high resolution image with depth information registered to each pixel. The technology is extensible to full color in the future.

With increased cinema animation, visual effects and the rapid merging of real and virtual worlds driven by augmented and virtual reality, more efficient means of digital content capture and processing are required. With depth per pixel knowledge, objects or scene backgrounds can be quickly manipulated or removed. With multiple cameras or by panning a single camera, motion accurate digital 3D models of actors, objects or scenes can be rapidly created. Accurate digital models of sets and scenes allow for more efficient previsualization and retargeting of assets.

Meet at CES 2018
Visit TetraVue to see a live 4D video demo in Las Vegas from January 9-12 in the Tech East Convention Center North Hall, Booth 9130. To arrange a private demonstration at the show, contact TetraVue at +1 442-207-0560 or via email at CES2018@tetravue.com.

About TetraVue
TetraVue is the leading innovator of 4D LIDAR video cameras that digitally capture the richness and depth of our fast-paced world in high definition. TetraVues groundbreaking technology combines the resolution of high definition video with the range of LIDAR to accurately capture motion and depth for large fields-of-view and distances. The company is headquartered in Vista, California with a Northern California development site in San Jose and can be found online at www.tetravue.com.