Indoor Reality Announces Revit Plug-in for Rapid Scan to BIM Conversion of Buildings

Berkeley, California, November 6, 2017 Indoor Reality announced today the latest update to its 3D mobile mapping solution Revit Plug-in IR-RVP – which can be used to rapidly convert captured data from Indoor Reality wearable hardware devices, to 3D Revit models. Now AEC professionals can capture, process and generate Revit models 20x to 50x faster than before. Firstly, the 3D capture is ultra-fast due to the mobile nature of Indoor Realitys hardware devices as compared to traditional tripod based methods. Secondly, the auto-generated, cloud processed data products such as floor plans are used in the Plug-in to create walls automatically, eliminating the need for tracing. Thirdly, the spatial integration of 3D panoramic web viewer with Revit allows the modeler to add structural details such as doors, windows and staircases effortlessly and efficiently, said Founder and CEO, Avideh Zakhor.

Existing approaches prior to this were prohibitively slow, and time consuming, and involved tracing point clouds inside Revit. This would take a long time, and is error prone since many details such as door swings may not be clearly visible in the point cloud. The 3D pictures integrated with our Revit Plug-in eliminates the guess work and ambiguities commonly encountered in point clouds. IR-RVP enables architects, general contractors, property owners, and other building professionals to deal with tight schedules of remodeling projects for their customers and tenants, Zakhor said, From capture to BIM, our workflow is extremely fast. In addition, the recovered Revit model can be used to discover and visualize the discrepancies between the as-built and designed models.

Accessible within the Indoor Reality cloud processing platform, the Revit Plug-in IR-RVP is available now to all customers currently using Indoor Realitys IR-500 handheld device or IR-1000 backpack system.

About Indoor Reality
Founded in 2015, Indoor Reality is headquartered in Berkeley, California, USA. Indoor Realitys patented hardware and software platforms provide a complete solution for fast, automated, and visual documentation/ 3D mapping of buildings and assets. For more information about Indoor Reality, visit: