CDOT Signs Woolpert to $2M Surveying, Right-of-Way Contract

This five-year deal applies to technical and support services in regions 3 and 5, which cover nearly the entire western half of Colorado.

Denver (Nov. 1, 2017) Woolpert has been contracted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to provide non-project specific survey and right-of-way services for regions 3 and 5 throughout the western half of the state.

The five-year, $2 million contract can be utilized for projects that include transportation design, boundary surveys, right-of-way mapping, mobile lidar and photogrammetric mapping.

What this contract does is it saves the state and the taxpayer time and money by not having to go through the lengthy acquisition process for every transportation project, said Christopher Raml, Woolpert project principal/manager. Whatever surveying or right-of-way work that needs to be done in these regions could be covered in this scope of work.

Woolperta national architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) firmhas worked with CDOT for years on a wide range of projects across the state. The firm has been able to leverage its breadth of AEG offerings as technology evolves, and apply them to multiple transportation and safety needs throughout the state.

These projects have included providing surveying and aerial mapping services for the U.S. 160 project through Gem Village. These services support highway expansion, widening projects and wildlife crossing mitigation within the highway corridor.

Woolpert also provided a control network, project control diagram, surveying and mobile mapping lidar services to support highway expansion and widening on State Highway 17, north of Alamosa.

We are fortunate to have hundreds of AEG staff in-house who not only work together to support individual projects, but who also are leaders in their respective industries, Raml said. We enjoy working with CDOT. We understand their software and procedures, and we have a history of what has worked for them and the direction they want to go. Were excited to continue this relationship.

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