IGI Presents New DigiCAM-200 & 300 Large-Format Aerial Camera Systems

Kreuztal, September 25th, 2017 At this years INTERGEO in Berlin, IGI is presenting a new DigiCAM-200 & 300 large-format aerial camera system. Phase One Industrial just announced the new iXU-RS1900 camera, which is one available camera module. In addition, IGI unveils a new camera line-up, which has a large swath width of up to 36,600 pixels across track.

Resolution (pixels) of new IGI Aerial Camera Systems:
Dual-DigiCAM-200 Cross-Track: 22,816 x 8,700
Dual-DigiCAM-200 Long-Track: 16,470 x 11,570
DigiCAM-300 Cross-Track: 36,600 x 8,700
DigiCAM-300 Long-Track: 28,200 x 11,500

The new DigiCAM line-up is based on two 100MP camera modules, where the CMOS sensor is shifted according to the optical axis of the lenses. The two stitched images form a large frame of up to 36,600 pixels across the flight line.

The new shifting technology brings a higher swath and, therefore, larger frame for our customers. This means they need to fly less and can save cost, commented Philipp Grimm, CEO of IGI.

Visit booth C1.038 in Hall 1.1 at INTERGEO in Berlin to get the full picture.

About IGI
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