Quantum Spatial Acquires Aerial Photo Collection from Assets of Air Flight Services

New Collection Enhances QSI Coverage of Northern California and Adds Rare Collection of Hawaiian Images

St. Petersburg, Fla. June 21, 2017 Quantum Spatial, Inc. (QSI), the nations largest independent geospatial data firm, today announced that it has acquired the complete collection of aerial photography assets from Air Flight Services. The collection, which contains more than 150,000 aerial photo images dating back to the 1940s, covers parts of Northern California and Hawaii.

The Air Flight Services collection is an important historical archive, providing insights into the changing landscape of the San Francisco Bay area, as well as rare images of the Hawaiian islands, said David Ruiz, an imagery analyst and data archivist for QSI, who also serves as chairman of the Data Preservation and Archiving Committee for ASPRS – The Imaging & Geospatial Information Society. We are honored to preserve these images and add them to the growing QSI collection, which has become a go-to resource for a wide range of professionals interested in understanding the changes to geography over time.

The QSI aerial photography collection spans nearly 6 million images, dating back to the 1920s. The collection features aerial imagery that documents milestones in aviation and architectural history, and offers a unique perspective into geographical changes during the last century in areas across the United States, including Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Northeastern states.

The Air Flight Services acquisition enhances the current QSI collection with additional vertical and oblique imagery of Northern California, including Alameda and San Mateo. However, the main focus and value to the collection is the complete and bi-annual coverage of the South Bay area. It also expands the QSI collection with more than 10,000 images of the Hawaiian islands, including all major cities and counties, dating back to 1999.

QSIs rich archive of aerial imagery, combined with remote sensing data, supports a wide range of real-world applications from real estate and legal services to mining, utility and environmental surveys. The archive images offer a clear view of historic land use, environmental elements, geology, vegetation, wetlands, agriculture and urban growth. QSI is able to combine this imagery with modern technologies terrain modeling, LiDAR, GIS databases and GPS surveys to show changes over time and assist with future planning.

For more information about the collection or to acquire images, please email David Ruiz at druiz@quantumspatial.com or call 510-407-6519.

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