Carlson Software Adds Point Cloud Viewing in Free Precision 3D 2017 LandXML Viewer

Maysville, Ky. (June 15, 2017) Carlson Software has released the 2017 version of its free Precision 3D Land XML viewer, which provides a high quality, free 3D viewer with the ability to add textures to any LandXML file and upgrade it to a LandXML-2.0 version file. Advancements also include 3D image thumbnails that generate automatically in Windows File Explorer, allowing users to preview files before opening.

P3D LandXML aligns with Carlson Precision 3D products and will come with a demo for Carlson P3D. The P3D product line provides a better way to create preliminary designs and communicate within projects and is made up of three different companion products: P3D Drill & Blast, P3D Hydro, and P3D Topo.

The new Precision 3D LandXML allows users to load multiple point cloud files at once, apply bare ground classification, and outlier filters just like P3D 2017 Topo. Users can also use the measure tool and draw polylines on the point clouds, gaining a spectacular 3D visualization to their measurements.

The functionality features include the ability to:

Open LandXML Files

Generate Windows 3D thumbnail shell extension for LandXML, TIN, GRD, P3D files

Drag and drop files

Draw/Edit Polylines

Texture surface using closed polylines

Auto Texture Surface for quick area detection and texturing

Insert 3D objects (OBJ and SKP files)

Use measure commands

Save LandXML files as 2.0

The 2017 version adds support for:

Volume Parcels


Parcel and plan featuring round tripping with colors

Embedded 3D objects

Improved auto texturing

Minor changes have been posted to the proposed LandXML-2.0 schema to support x, y, z scaling of 3D objects.

Follow this link to install the free version of 2017 Carlson Precision 3D Land XML. Here is a quick movie showing how to install and run this new free LandXML version. LandXML-2.0 sample files with polylines, coordinate systems, embedded 3D objects and multi-textured surfaces are available on the samples page.

NOTE: Carlson Software is hosting webinars to illustrate Precision 3D, which allows users to import survey data, points, polylines, surfaces, point clouds, both traditional LIDAR and aerial drone survey data, and more from a wide variety of programs and entities to create useable 3D surfaces.

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June 16, 2017 10:30 AM EST

June 20, 2017 2:30 PM EST

June 30, 2017 10:30 AM EST