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Change is a constant in the magazine business, especially when it comes to coverage. Over the years, we’ve found that increased technology adoption drives broader expectations. Put simply, as workflows evolve, reader interests mature. Selecting topics is the easy part–the challenge lies in deciding how to address them.

In 2009, our launch plan called for three focus areas, addressing general developments in terrestrial, mobile and aerial LIDAR. The majority of our readers were engineers, surveyors, mappers, or specialists working in support of the measurement and positioning ecosystem, eager to adopt or refine their use of LIDAR technology.

Fast-forward eight years–unmanned systems consume the radar. The photon sensor or "Geiger-mode" debate has taken center stage. USGS’ 3DEP initiative is by all accounts a success, while GIS managers continue to embrace LIDAR and other sensors at a brisk pace. Mobile LIDAR systems are more accessible than ever and will prove invaluable as the U.S. addresses its infrastructure problem.

Perhaps the biggest change has occurred on the ground, even indoors. Traditional barriers to entry have disappeared, while advances in building information modeling (BIM) and other ultra-portable imaging technologies are creating a future in which 3D is an expectation, not an option.

In the coming months, we intend to refine our focus towards aerial developments (including UAS) and mobile LIDAR specifically. Rather than task a single editor with "everything", we’ll utilize specialist panels and a schedule of themed editions. The increased specialization and fast-moving nature of today’s marketplace have made this necessary.

We’ll still cover "terrestrial" tech, just less and less from the introductory standpoint. For that we’ve unveiled a digital publication titled Construction 2020. This will better address evolving AEC applications and the "scan-to-BIM" space. You can still expect insights from the industry’s leading experts alongside a more personal look at who’s doing what. Know that all of this is rooted in our respect for your time and consideration of why you picked up LIDAR Magazine in the first place.

To your success!

–Allen E. Cheves // Publisher

A 185Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE