BIMRAY Introduces Customized 3D Interactive Tool to View and Update Physical Assets

San Diego, CA. May 1, 2017- BIMRAY has introduced to the BIM, Reality Capture and Asset Management industries their customized 3D interactive tool to view and update critical physical Assets in real-time from remote locations. BIMRAY displays an interactive 3D environment of Assets and location, with the ability to not only walk thru, but also to open and edit multiple data sources effectively. All delivered in an integrated, web deployed solution with customized functionality to suit asset managers needs. From data collection thru completion, BIMRAY works in partnership with asset managers to extract the maximum value from their Assets.

Remote Visualization & Data Editing of Physical Assets All in a Web-Deployed, Realistic 3D Environment
BIMRAY displays a 3D visual environment of assets on location to update, add and append field inspection information directly to the asset, including pictures and videos delivered as an integrated web-deployed solution, with customized functionality to suit your needs said Ken Cummings, BIMRAY founder. From data collection through publishing the application, our team works in partnership with you to extract the maximum value from your data. Additionally, we provide interactive location emergency management training simulations tablet, desktop and VR headset versions using the same technologies.

BIMRAY is not a viewer – It’s a realistic world of interactive assets Greater access, ease and efficiency from any angle

BIMRAY supports information and data ranging from critical infrastructure, detailed design or as-built BIM models. If you can build it you can visualize it, and BIMRAY is the unique tool combining realistic visualization and data with client driven-functionality. The tools support VR simulations using your best "real world " datasets for what ifs, change management and interactive training scenarios.

Features, Benefits, Ease of Use
Full 360 degree movement including walk / fly / hover / instant travel
Interactive realistic environment and assets view BIM data without BIM skills
Digital assets can be color coded by class, each asset can be isolated
Selectable assets link to custom data, remote database
Edit and save asset attribute data, spreadsheets and reports in real time
Fully web deployable from your server or ours, PC, Mac, Linux, VR headset
Allow any authorized personnel to virtually access the project site
Improve communication by sharing existing conditions with contractors and asset managers
Increase team productivity
Easily answer challenging questions
Increase accuracy in designs
Decrease project errors
Unlimited 24-hour access

What Industries Benefit from BIMRAY?
Communications Infrastructure
Electrical Infrastructure
Urban Planning & Development
Water Infrastructure
Transportation Infrastructure
Facilities Management
Real Estate Development
Emergency Planning & Training
Historical Preservation
Hotels / Resorts / Casinos / Conventions
Oil and Gas

How Does the Process Work?
The process includes four simple phases of production starting with Data Collection followed by BIM production, then 3D Modeling and Optimization, then programming the customized Interactivity and finally Application Deployment.

Costs are estimated in advance by the BIMRAY team when the following parameters are established:
Project location and size
Description of assets
Provided data/models vs data that needs to be collected/created
Customized functionality requirements
Estimated number of users

Now, your projects and assets can literally be at your fingertipswithout revisiting the physical site or mobilizing crews. Asset managers can access their projects at the click of a button. Check out the BIMRAY website for more information about the BIMRAY Customized 3D Interactive Asset Tool at: URL:, EMAIL: , Phone: 720-934-2482