High Eye Aerial Imaging Acquired by Alta Vista Ventures

Enhances UAV Mapping Opportunities

April 18, 2017 – High Eye Aerial Imaging, based in Wasaga Beach, Ontario serves as the areas source for unmanned aerial vehicle surveying, providing mapping of remote sites, aerial surveys, volumetric calculations, digital elevation modeling, and many other services has recently been acquired by Alta Vista Ventures Ltd., based in Vancouver, B.C.

Alta Vista recognized High Eyes professionalism and high ethical standards and for operating in the commercial UAV industry for over 5 years. High Eye has successfully logged over 200 hours of flight time and specializes in low altitude, high definition aerial surveying, photography, videography, utilizing both Multi Rotor and Fixed Wing UAVs. As one of the only surveying companies that uses both types of UAVs, High Eye can adapt to the needs of any size project in a range of industries focusing on Aggregates, Mining, Construction, Engineering, Inspection and Agriculture.

The purchase of High Eye will not change any of High Eyes standard practices and key personnel have agreed to remain on to ensure continued high standards of operations. Alta Vista is now operating as a multi-faceted UAV conglomerate that delivers services through two wholly owned subsidiaries High Eye and Pioneer Aerial Surveys. Each of these subsidiaries will be run by their current industry experts. They have plans to further expand into the UAV market with the help of their diversified UAV teams.

High Eye has expanded the types of surveys that it can perform and can now provide LiDAR surveys to its clients. Two important areas that High Eye services are the Surveying and Engineering Industries as well as inspections:

High Eye Surveying and Engineering
Combining High Eye technology with traditional land based survey methods increases the ability to utilize a crews productivity and obtains a more complete dataset. High Eyes software provides a highly accurate 3D model that can be uploaded into any design software. High Eye can use pre-existing benchmarks and survey data, as well as independently capture additional ground control as needed. These 3D models are very useful for HD, interactive, record keeping of a project or job site at every stage of development. These records can be invaluable for protection against liability, insurance issues or on site discrepancies and disputes. Added advantages include: survey crews are no longer placed in hazardous environments (slopes, break lines, etc.); no interference with on-site operations; survey is performed within a few hours; flexible schedule around specific design requirements; and the same survey or perspective can be replicated at each stage of a project.

For the Surveying and Engineering industries, High Eye Aerial Imaging provides:
Topographic CAD Data – Digital Terrain and Elevation Models (DTM, DEM)
Orthographic Mosaics, Slope, & Watershed Mapping
Cut & Fill Quantity Reports
Construction Media 3D Stage Reconstruction

Technical Details
Highest available Orthographic mosaic resolution vs manned aircraft and satellite data
Survey grade DEM accuracy using photogrammetry
Break lines, Survey Grids or Contours as close as 0.25m spacing
CAD & ARC exports (shp, dxf, xyz, las)

High Eye Inspections:
High Eyes aerial inspections provide valuable information and perspectives that may not be available through traditional methods. When High Eye performs an inspection, the images and footage collected from multiple vantage points provides an extremely close look at preferred points of interest. After the inspection, a HD record is provided, which then can be examined as many times as needed to assess any issues the inspection may reveal. Repeat surveys then can provide an ongoing visual log for the status and condition of the structure in question.

Aerial inspection services are a much safer and cost-effective alternative to standardized methods providing the footage to quickly and safely analyze problems, without the need of sending professionals into potentially hazardous situations. They can minimize the time and frequency required by the inspection crew to be in a hazardous environment. UAV inspections also allow crews to focus their time on known issues found within video inspection.

Inspection Services Offered:
Structure, Tower, Antenna and Communication Infrastructure
Solar Panel & Wind Turbine
Industrial, Commercial and Residential buildings
CAD 3D Modelling
Custom Sensor Payload depending on your needs
Thermal, 4K HD, 30x Optical Zoom
Preplanned flight paths, exact perspective replication for comparable temporal inspection plans
Condemned or dilapidated structure inspection (crews cannot not scale due to safety hazards)

About Alta Vista Ventures:
Through its wholly owned subsidiaries – Pioneer Aerial Surveys and High Eye Aerial Imaging – Alta Vista Ventures is implementing its plan to become a full spectrum leader within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV) industry. Alta Vista will continue its growth through expanding the business of its subsidiaries and the continued evaluation of potential acquisition with the goal of creating a consortium of businesses that will cover all aspects of the UAV industry.

About Pioneer Aerial Surveys:
Pioneer Aerial is leading the industry in UAV based remote sensing for mining and exploration industry. Pioneer Aerial proudly uses the proprietary UAV-MAG system, the only known commercially viable magnetometer surveying equipment on the market. They continue to push the capabilities of remote sensing in the exploration industry with their recently announced partnership with Abitibi Geophysics. The Pioneer Aerial team is able to custom design and pilot any size project covering a diverse range of target types in any geological environment. For more information, contact: HighEye Aerial Imaging Inc., 705-812-0978, info@higheye.ca, www.higheye.ca