Woolpert Contracted to Collect Orthoimagery for Ohio

Columbus, Ohio (Jan. 4, 2017) Woolpert has been contracted to acquire high-resolution orthoimagery for the entire state of Ohio, which is roughly 41,276 square miles, by the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP).

This project is the third iteration of the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP III), and the third time Woolpert has been hired to provide these services for the Buckeye State.

The $1.8 million base contract calls for the collection of 6-inch, 3-band orthoimagery from 2017-2020. Orthoimagery, being a fundamental dataset for use with geographic information systems (GIS) in Ohio, provides benefits to a wide range of users, including private industry, public agencies, non-governmental organizations, citizens and educational institutions. As with previous OSIP projects, all data developed through OSIP will be made available to everyone from government agencies to the public in all 88 Ohio counties at no cost.

In addition to orthoimagery, OSIP provides state agencies and local governments the opportunity to purchase multiple remote-sensing services through a cooperative purchasing agreement with the state of Ohio. This includes higher-resolution 4-band imagery, aerial and mobile lidar, oblique aerial imagery, topographic mapping, land use, land cover, parcel mapping, crop delineation, asset management and application development.

Woolpert has delivered and is in the process of completing mapping projects for multiple states across the country. Woolpert Geospatial Program Director Brian Stevens lauded the state of Ohio for its push for innovation and its comprehensive support of local governments.

By providing access to timely authoritative data spanning multiple years, there has been a significant increase in the use of imagery for applications like the routing of emergency responders, planning and design of transportation infrastructure, and permitting and code enforcement, as well as property tax assessment and change detection.

Being a part of the Ohio community for more than 100 years, were honored to have participated in OSIP for over a decade, Stevens said. Its always good to come home.

The program officially began Jan. 1, and acquisition for OSIP III will begin in the spring.

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