HYPACK Chooses Ellipse-D Inertial Navigation System for UAV-Based Surveying Solution: NEXUS 800

Rueil-Malmaison, France, October 24th 2016 HYPACK chose the Ellipse-D inertial navigation system to equip their new UAV-based surveying solution: the NEXUS 800. The NEXUS 800 is an out of the box turnkey system that tightly integrates hardware and software to provide an advanced and seamless solution for LiDAR survey planning, data acquisition, post processing and analysis, and product creation.

New UAV-Based Surveying Solution: Nexus 800
The NEXUS 800 powered by HYPACK is a full end-to-end solution that represents a new paradigm in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data collection by seamlessly harmonizing LiDAR data with photogrammetry. Powered by HYPACK-HYSWEEP mapping software, the operator can plan, acquire, and process the LiDAR and Photogrammetry data onboard a high powered Windows PC and high performance UAV allowing for rapid analysis, product creation and export to a variety of CAD and GIS formats.

The NEXUS 800:
Provides a full GNSS aided inertial navigation system with the Ellipse-D INS from SBG Systems
Visualizes LiDAR return with a 360 degree field of view
Acquires LiDAR and Photogrammetric data using the powerful and user-friendly HYPACK-HYSWEEP software
Displays Real-Time photogrammetry and Point Cloud viewing
Provides Point Cloud and georeferenced photogrammetry correlation via post processing
Includes an On-board Windows PC for rapid data processing and product creation
Allows volume computations and data analyses
Includes a comprehensive full flight system, training and support

Ellipse-D Dual Antenna RTK Inertial Navigation System
Ellipse-D is a Dual Antenna Inertial Navigation System which embeds an RTK GNSS receiver with post-processing capabilities. Centimeter-level position is crucial for surveying applications while two antennas are important for fast initialization and accurate heading. In addition to its high performance, the Ellipse-D has an amazing SWP (small Size – low Weight – low Power) ratio.

"The NEXUS 800 UAV represents HYPACK commitment to the surveying and mapping community seeking a true end-to-end solution leveraging the various expertise from HYPACK, Infinite Jib, SBG Systems, and Velodyne onto one compact solution.

More Information
Sales information: sales@hypack.com
Nexus 800 video: https://youtu.be/lwLgGH3ddSY
Nexus 800 brochure: http://messages.xylem.com/SL0L0P0Z70F0CDG0p00CWyA
SBG SYSTEMS Ellipse-D: http://www.sbg-systems.com/products/ellipse-e-miniature-ins

About SBG Systems
SBG Systems is a leading supplier of MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. The company provides a wide range of inertial solutions from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications.

HYPACK A Xylem brand and part of YSI is a world leader in software development for the hydrographic industry since 1984. HYPACK provides a complete solution for unmanned systems. Including mission planning, situational awareness tools, LiDAR and acoustic data acquisition, real time 3D point cloud, data processing, visualization, and final product creation. Http://hypack.com