From the Editor: Embracing New Technology

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Welcome to the October/November edition of LiDAR Magazine. This is our INTERGEO issue and the LiDAR Magazine crew are all here in Hamburg Germany taking in the largest geospatial conference and trade show in the world. With over 16,500 visitors from more than 100 countries, INTERGEO is one of the most important platforms for industry networking around the world.

INTERGEO covers a wide variety of fields, ranging from surveying, GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry to value-added solutions and technologies. Processing, using and analyzing geodata in the office, on the Internet or in the field is an extremely dynamic area as well as associated solutions by the industry’s leading experts are presented and discussed at INTERGEO.

The parallel events and specialist conferences are notable highlights, offering visitors tremendous scope to enter into discussions and develop their know-how in the industry’s key disciplines. The conference offers visitors the chance to access and exchange information on state-of-theart geospatial technologies. This is an opportunity for attendees to share knowledge and expertise with other industry specialists. The range of topics is rounded off with interaerial SOLUTIONS, the Trend Forum and the Smart City Forum.

The whole UAV phenomena is certainly having its impact on the exhibit floor, and air, as drones seem to be taking over not only the exhibits but geospatial applications covering virtually every discipline all over the world. This conference helps to illustrate how far we’ve come in the remote sensing industry now that we have satellites, planes, helicopters and drones covering every inch of the Earth providing benefits to all walks of life.

Another sign of the times is the tremendous growth and awareness of 3D technology. Laser scanning, reality capture and scan-to-BIM are driving innovation across every industry. We now see GIS or geospatial technologies being applied in virtually every discipline and industry because everything has a geographic element to it. And everything has three dimensions and will be represented as such.

The fundamental issue facing the 3D industry is how do we make this technology accessible to all who can potentially benefit from it? And, here is where I believe the 3D industry is particularly analogous to Geospatial. In order for 3D technologies to reach their true potential it is not a matter of coming up with better technology but doing a much better job of communicating, marketing, and educating the market place. This conference goes a long way in accomplishing the arduous, expansive task of educating the market.

Roland Mangold //

A 295Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE