Points3D Introduces New Software for Modeling 3D Point Clouds

Munich, Germany Points3D has developed a new software for handling and processing 3D point clouds significantly reducing the data load. The software developer announces a breakthrough in the industry with the modeling and triangulating of point clouds into simpler 3D surfaces. The result is simplified information, which may be exported to standard files for use in external CAD-software. Users experience a relatively easy collection of data for buildings, as-built drawings, historical site documentation, reverse engineering and more.

Through enhanced segmentation, our software opens a new world of point cloud handling, said Eberhard Beck, founder and CEO of Points3D. The extreme amount of data collected through 3D scanners is able to be simplified with Points3D, which allows regular hardware to handle the information. Thus, the new technology will give more abilities to use 3D point clouds.

The fascinating world of 3D scanning creates point clouds with a vast amount of 3D points, making it difficult to display and navigate through the information. Points3D reduces the data to a manageable number of 3D vertices with enhanced segmentation, which enables the information to be easily exported into external CAD-software for further processing. Since data load is significantly reduced, 3D visualization artists are able to load hundreds of scans in one session even with mainstream hardware.

With Points3D, fast and easy measuring from point to point, line to line, and corner to corner has become possible. The new software allows its user to measure along and against the normal of a surface. With the points modeled into surfaces, exact profiles, facade representations and floorplans may be generated.

Points3D users are able to smoothly generate x-y-z wire-frame models of existing buildings, structures and objects. Interested individuals may download the new software at http://www.points3d.com/download.htm.

About Points3D.com:
Founded in 2015 by Dr. Eberhard Beck, a physicist and computer scientist, Points3D.com aims to simplify data from 3D scans and make it more usable. After working for many years on the development of 2D/3D image and point cloud processing, Dr. Beck created the new software. The start-up began in Utting, in the Munich area of Germany. Visit http://www.points3d.com to view more information about the new technology.