Deswik to Showcase New Mobile 3D Scanning Integration at ISM 2016

Brisbane, QLD, Australia Deswik announces today the inclusion of new mobile 3D scanning tools in its upcoming software release, version 2016.2. With the International Congress for Mine Surveying (ISM 2016) taking place next month (Brisbane, Sept. 13-16), Deswik will use this event as a platform to officially launch and showcase this exciting new functionality to the mine surveying industry.

3D mobile scanning has been gaining popularity in recent years as a rapid and effective solution for a variety of underground survey applications. Deswik has partnered with Peck Tech Consulting Ltd., the industry leader in this field, whose offerings include the uGPS Rapid Mapper solution. This product was purpose-designed and built for the underground environment and can generate 3D point clouds from virtually any moving platform- a mine vehicle, LHD (Load, Haul, Dump machine), All-Terrain Vehicle or even a remotely-operated robotic vehicle.

A uGPS Rapid Mapper unit has been deployed at the Goldcorp Hoyle Pond mine site near Timmins, Ontario since May 2016. Surveyors on site have been processing its 3D scan data in the Deswik software. Their feedback on these processes has proven invaluable in developing a streamlined, integrated workflow in the upcoming Deswik version 2016.2.

The integration of uGPS data within the Deswik software suite is focused around turning data into information quickly, simply and effectively. The uGPS Rapid Mapper is used to rapidly collect 3D point cloud data in the field and can be imported, meshed and ready for analysis in Deswik with a few clicks of the mouse. The new suite of powerful analysis tools can then be used to georeference and align scans, obtain rapid drift dimensions for ventilation or project engineering purposes, calculate volumes, investigate the incidence of overbreak/underbreak, determine shotcrete thicknesses to control overspray and more. These rich data sets also include intensity information which can be highlighted within Deswik to reveal a variety of important features such as survey targets, ventilation tubing, utility pipes, rock bolt plates, water infiltration, cracking in shaft liners and even geological nuances for mapping purposes. This full suite of applications will be available within Deswik 2016.2.

Integration has been a key driver of Deswiks software development since its inception. The software platform currently integrates with most mining packages and a myriad of file formats. With Deswiks focus on empowering its users to achieve productivity improvements, the 3D scanning integration is a welcome addition as the company continues to expand its integration capability across the mine planning value chain. Please visit the Deswik booth at ISM 2016 to learn more about this exciting partnership and how to seamlessly integrate mobile 3D scanning into your existing Deswik workflows.

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