iSTAR 360 Degree Measurement Module Integrated by Imaging Companies

Edinburgh, UK August 10, 2016 NCTech, the developer of reality imaging systems, today announced that the Measurement Module for its industrial-grade iSTAR panoramic camera has been integrated into offerings from software firms Arithmetica and Veesus.

First announced at the SPAR 3D conference and tradeshow in April, the Measurement Module is delivered as an NCTech SDK and enables iSTAR users to take measurements from directly within a spherical image by combining a stereo pair of iSTAR images. The accurate measurements generated are valuable for applications such as asset management, construction, forensic evidence collection and surveying. Key benefits to these markets include iSTARs high speed of capture and the ability to rapidly cover large areas on-site and take measurements later.

The NCTech SDK is provided free of charge to enable third-parties to build the measurement capability into their own software and become part of the new NCTech Integrated partner community. Arithmetica is one of the first software developers to integrate the Measurement Module into its SphereVision Project Builder software.

SphereVision Project Builder allows users to create truly immersive and interactive 360 degree environments with integrated documents, plans, and layouts as well as additional visuals and audio, said Mark Senior, Business Development Manager at Arithmetica. The ability to easily capture and share measurements from iSTAR imagery takes professional applications of 360 imaging to the next level.

Veesus is the developer of the Arena4D software range, providing a cross-platform point cloud rendering engine for viewing and editing large point cloud data sets in 3D. Veesus has initially integrated the Measurement Module for its police force customers and expects further interest from additional sectors.

Our police force clients wanted a lightweight way to be able to access measurement data from panoramic images to support forensic investigations, which they can now achieve using an iSTAR with Arena4D, and we expect interest in this functionality from our construction and civil engineering clients, said Mark Estcourt, Managing Director at Veesus. To date, panoramic imaging has usually been used to colorize point cloud data, but we can now offer the ability to make 360 degree images an integral part of a 3D environment.

Designed for rapid 360 degree imaging, iSTAR is a panoramic camera that precisely captures full spherical immersive images for fast, efficient visual documentation of an environment.

We welcome Arithmetica and Veesus to the NCTech Integrated community and are delighted that they are making use of our SDK to allow measurement within the 360 degree images captured by iSTAR, said Neil Tocher, CTO, NCTech. This open strategy makes the functionality more universally and synergistically accessible from within existing third-party software, rather than from one specific software application.

About NCTech
NCTech designs and manufactures leading 360 degree reality imaging systems that automate and streamline the workflow of image documentation and can be used repeatedly, accurately, consistently by anyone anywhere. NCTechs industrial-grade camera, iSTAR, is a fast, fully automatic, 50 megapixel, 360 degree HDR camera. Fully calibrated for high precision applications such as colourisation of laser scans or extracting photogrammetric measurements, iSTAR has multiple applications: from covert operations and police reporting of crime scenes to 3D laser documentation and asset management for the engineering and heritage sectors. In 2015, the company launched iris360, a non-calibrated camera system, intended for aesthetic panoramic image capture and fully integrated with Google Maps new Street View app. NCTech is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland and is funded by Archangel Investors Ltd and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund. For more information, visit Full technical details of the Measurement Module available at: