AirGon Revolutionizes Drone Data Extraction

Huntsville, AL AirGon LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoCue Group, Inc., announces the launch of Topolyst, an advanced desktop application designed to make easy work of extracting information and derived products from point cloud and/or LIDAR data collected by drones over construction and mining sites. The return on investment of Topolyst is almost immediate – site data collections that used to take days are now completed in hours with Topolysts strong complement of automated tools.

Applications such as PhotoScan and Pix4D provide sophisticated means of producing point clouds from dense image coverage. Direct LIDAR collection from drones is just emerging. Topolyst is a comprehensive tool set that consumes data from these software and sensors for high accuracy site surveying and volumetric analysis. Topolyst includes an extensive collection of visualization modes (Plan, Profile, 3D) and tools such as:
Testing of both the horizontal and vertical accuracy of point clouds and orthomosaics to the latest American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) accuracy specifications
Point cloud noise removal tools
Interactive and automatic tools for classifying data in both top-down and profile views
Advanced breakline collection and enforcement tools that allow the rendering of analytics that use a priori baseline data in the form of points, polygons and polylines
A complete tool set for volumetric analysis including automated toe definition and vectorization
Automated tools for classifying overhead conveyors during stockpile toe extraction
The most advanced 3D vector editing and elevation conflation tools on the market for editing stockpile toes and other features in difficult collection scenarios
Advanced contouring tools that allow for interactive visualization and generation of file-based contours for customer delivery
An extensive set of tools for creating derivative products including DEMs, slope, aspect, hillshade and intensity rasters
Topolyst is a 64 bit Windows application that can work on projects containing point clouds that cover up to 4 square kilometers (about 1,000 acres). Upgrading to Topolyst Unlimited allows projects of any size.

Topolyst is immediately available as a standalone purchase or as a component of AirGons AV-900 Metric Mapping Kit (MMK). The AV-900 MMK includes everything needed to plan, fly, process and analyze drone-collected surveying data (including the drone).

About Airgon
AirGon LLC is the airborne sUAS metric mapping subsidiary of GeoCue Group. AirGon is the creator of the AV-900 VTOL sUAS and the AV-900 Metric Mapping Kit (MMK). Additional information can be found at or by inquiry via email (

About Geocue
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