Bluesky Photomaps Help Assess Risk from Trees on Popular English Holiday Island

Leicestershire, UK, 14 July 2016 Aerial survey photomaps are helping a specialist UK arboriculture company improve the management of trees. Map accurate imagery covering the Isle of Wight is being used by ArbAdvice as an integral part of consultancy services for home buyers, mortgage and insurance reports; Tree Preservation Order applications, objections and appeals; and inspections and surveys for Tree Risk Management. The real world detail and accuracy of the images downloaded directly from Blueskys online Mapshop provides context for decision making, while the quality allows for communication of proposed works, risk statements and conservation plans.

The Bluesky aerial photographs are an essential tool, allowing us to identify and assess trees in their real world context, commented Ben Riches, owner of ArbAdvice. This reduces the need for multiple site visits, improves the quality of decision making and allows us to effectively communicate plans and proposals with property owners, the Council and third parties, such as insurance companies.

We also make use of other datasets available from the Mapshop, including Ordnance Survey mapping, continued Riches. The combination of data, ease of acquisition and speed of delivery makes Bluesky our first choice.

ArbAdvice are qualified arboriculturists with over fifteen years experience working as tree surgeons on the Isle of Wight. Specialists in both consulting and practical arboriculture, ArbAdvice offers a range of services including tree surveys, plans and reports for planning and development applications, tree root damage and subsidence assessment, and management plans for long term tree retention. Qualified, experienced and insured, ArbAdvice also undertakes both domestic and commercial maintenance works, including tree pruning, dismantling and removal.

The aerial photographs and Ordnance Survey mapping used by ArbAdvice to support its consulting and practical services are purchased from Blueskys online Mapshop. offers complete nationwide coverage of aerial photography from multiple epochs, 3D models (Digital Terrain and Surface Models DTM / DSM), LiDAR data, Thermal Mapping and Blueskys National Tree Map. Visitors can also download free of charge geological, land cover and flood maps, as well as places of interest, census areas and collections of themed data such as farming, marine and habitats.

About Bluesky
Bluesky is a specialist in aerial survey including aerial photography, LiDAR and thermal data using the very latest survey technology, including two UltraCam Eagles and an Orion M300 LiDAR system. An internationally recognised leader with projects extending around the globe, Bluesky is proud to work with prestigious organisations such as Google, the BBC and Government Agencies. Bluesky has unrivalled expertise in the creation of seamless, digital aerial photography and maintains national off the shelf coverage of aerial photography, DTM and DSM through an on-going three-year update programme. By purchasing a world first sensor for the simultaneous capture of LiDAR, Thermal and Aerial Photography data, Bluesky is in the enviable position of being able to provide customers with unique and cost effective solutions. Bluesky is leading the way in developing innovative solutions for environmental applications, including the UKs first National Tree Map (NTM), solar mapping and citywide heat loss maps and is currently developing noise and air quality mapping products.

About ArbAdvice
ArbAdvice offers expertise in both consulting and practical arboriculture. Based on the Isle of Wight, ArbAdvice was established by Ben Riches in 2002. Ben Riches holds the Level 6 Professional Diploma in Arboriculture (PD Arb), a vocational qualification equivalent to the academic BSc (Hons), and operates within the rules and ethical standards of the Arboricultural Association and Institute of Chartered Foresters. Specialist technical knowledge of arboriculture is gained through training and qualification. Thorough understanding and the ability to apply the technical knowledge comes with experience, for which there is no substitute. Knowledge is kept current by regular attendance at specialist seminars, conferences and study events, while understanding is kept current by continuing to work in the practical side of arboriculture.