DotProduct Announces Phi.3D 2.1 to Feature Direct Integration with Brunson Reference Bar Kit

This partnership allows DotProduct DPI-8 users to perform fully automated reference bar targeting.

Houston, TX, USA, 13 April, 2016 Today on the showroom floor at SPAR 3D, DotProduct is announcing the release of Phi.3D 2.1, to be released this May. This update will bring integration with the new DotProduct-Brunson reference bar kit, for highly-accurate, automated targeting.

Phi.3D 2.1: DotProduct partners with Brunson to provide automated reference bar workflow
In collaboration with Brunson Instrument Company, DotProduct is announcing a powerful new reference bar workflow for Phi.3D 2.1. By pairing a new reference bar hardware kit from Brunson with the intelligence of Phi.3D software, users will soon have access to fully automated reference bar targeting for rapid, highly-accurate results. The release of this full kit is pending, but can be previewed today at the DotProduct booth.

Phi.3D 2.1 is also improving integration with several other powerful workflows, including Z+F registration and Elysium InfiPoints. Additional improvements will include core enhancements to the tracking stability, optimization, and accuracy at depth, as well as a direct link to open data in Dot3D, a new multi-platform point cloud productivity tool from DotProduct, set for beta release this May.

About Brunson
Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Brunson Instrument Company engineers, manufactures and markets portable measurement and alignment solutions for high precision industrial applications. Their product line includes optical tooling instruments, scaling artifacts, metrology instrument stands, laser target holders, and calibration equipment. In addition to private label and contract manufacturing, they offer a full spectrum of client services for aerospace, automotive, power generation, pulp and paper, and other industries. For more information, visit

About DotProduct
Founded in 2012, DotProduct delivers handheld 3D data capture solutions running on tablets and mobile devices. The company’s real-time 3D-capture and processing solutions augment and in some cases replace laser scanning workflows. Customers include engineering, construction, surveying, manufacturing, law enforcement organizations and more. For more on the technology and its applications, please visit