Aethon Aerial Solutions and Leading Edge Geomatics Partner

Partnership to deliver next generation LiDAR solutions to utility and forestry industries.

Burlington Ontario & at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum Denver Colorado, February 22, 2016, Aethon – Technology Inc. announced today an agreement with Leading Edge Geomatics, a leader in airborne imagery and LiDAR acquisition for forest inventory, environmental monitoring and Utility asset management, to become the first formal affiliate of Aethon-Aerial Solutions Inc. Under the terms of the agreement Leading Edge Geomatics will operate next generation Helicopter and UAV based LiDAR camera systems, developed by Aethon, for power line, pipeline and corridor inspection markets.

Bruce Hogan VP Sales stated: By becoming a partner in the Aethon Affiliate Program we and other like minded affiliates will gain access to a shared fleet of next generation airborne and UAV based LiDAR acquisition systems, deployed regionally across North America, along with cloud based processing technology. More importantly we will achieve this at a fraction of the development and operating costs needed to create such a capability alone. As a member of the Aethon Affiliate Network we will also gain access to a broader market for our unique forestry and utility product offerings and access to a shared marketing and sales network that will expand our market reach globally.

Alastair Jenkins Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for Aethon stated: The pace of technology change in the fields of LiDAR sensor development, automated cloud based processing and autonomous airborne vehicles (UAVs) is rapidly exceeding the ability of all but the largest companies to compete effectively. With the creation of the Aethon Affiliate Network our goal is to level the playing field, providing affordable access to state of the art sensors, software and Beyond line of sight UAV technology with the processing infrastructure necessary to allow smaller companies to address their regional markets. As an affiliate they can do this without fear of technical obsolescence or the significant investment cost traditionally needed. By combining and sharing resources we believe our Affiliate Network will offer clients a one-stop acquisition and processing capability for aircraft, helicopter and UAV based acquisition faster and at significantly lower cost.

About Aethon Aerial Solutions
Aethon – Aerial Solutions as part of Aethon Holdings brings together a seasoned team of industry experts with over 100 years of collective experience in airborne LiDAR and remote sensing for commercial industrial and defence applications. By investing in and partnering with groups like Leading Edge Geomatics and others we are creating a level of expertise in airborne remote sensing, field operations proficiency and 3D data analytics for airborne remote sensing and UAV based inspection that will be unmatched in North America.

About Leading Edge Geomatics
Leading Edge Geomatics deploys the latest 3D sensor and optic technology to acquire aerial imagery for use in Forestry, environmental monitoring, infrastructure and asset management applications. The company has mapped over 190,000 km of assets in the past 5 years and currently owns a fleet of 5 aircraft, 4 LiDAR systems and multiple digital aerial camera systems.