Woolpert Bringing High-altitude Imaging Technologies to Commercial Market

Dayton, Ohio (Sept. 22, 2015) Woolpert has purchased the VisionMap A3 Edgea high-altitude, next-generation aerial camera and automatic ground processing systemand plans to apply these latest high-resolution imagery technologies to the commercial market.

We see that for wide-area collects, such as statewide imagery programs, this is a great solution because this camera covers an extremely large area with efficiency and accuracy, said Jeff Lovin, senior vice president and director of government solutions for Woolpert. This technology was borne and developed out of Israeli defense technology, and Woolpert has been working with VisionMap systems in our development of advanced airborne payloads for tactical UAS and other U.S. Department of Defense applications.

Woolpert has established itself as an industry leader in aerial imagery acquisition, remote sensing technology, lidar and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Layton Hobbs, technology and research and development director for Woolpert, said the VisionMap A3 bridges Woolperts range of imaging capabilities.

Weve been able to offer our clients lower-resolution, wide-area options from space-borne systems, high-resolution imaging from low to mid-altitudes and even hyper-resolution imaging from UAS or ground-based imagers, Hobbs said. The A3 fills a void in that continuum, and will allow us to collect medium to high-resolution products in larger swaths, across larger areas, with faster aircraft.

The geospatial firm, headquartered in Dayton, has worked with VisionMap for five years on the application of this evolving technology. VisionMap, based in Israel, is a leading provider of digital automatic aerial survey and mapping systems.

Our goal is to provide our customers with leading-edge technology, putting them at the forefront of their markets, said Tim Leary, VisionMap LLC vice president of business development. Woolpert has extensive knowledge of our systems and capabilities, and we couldnt envision a better partner. VisionMap has enjoyed working with Woolpert over the past several years and we’re looking forward to the future.

Woolpert is in the process of collecting and evaluating data generated by the VisionMap A3 Edge.

Were excited to bring forward the benefit of our extensive research and development forged via our five year partnership with VisionMap, and apply it to the commercial market with the A3, Lovin said.

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