YellowScan, the lightest all-in-one LiDAR system, operates on dozens of different aerial vehicles

Montferrier-sur-Lez, France, September 14, 2015 Since its commercial launch in 2014, YellowScan has been used extensively on multiple UAV platforms in order to meet customer demands and various mission requirements. Thanks to its unmatched versatility and turnkey set-up, YellowScan flew over numerous geographical and topographical regions, capturing high-precision geo-referenced land surface volumes and relief, even through vegetation.

Among the many aerial platforms being used we can name:

UAV multirotors: Altigators OnyxStar FOX-C8HD, Obens Octocopter, Mikrokopters Oktokopter, Robokopters RKT04, AIRs Readycopter, Airvisions NT8.

UAV gaz-powered helicopters: Yamaha Fazer, Survey Copter C4, Infotrons IT180, NGF Geomaticss Renegade

UAV fixed wings: AJSs Boreal.

Manned Aircrafts: ICPs Savannah 912, Hugues 300, Eurocopters Ecureuil.

Delivering highly accurate measurements in a very short time, the YellowScan is used by surveyors and researchers all over the world for a variety of applications, including 3D cartography, topography, linear infrastructure maintenance, civil engineering, geology, mining, forest management, and archeology.

YellowScan is a ready-to-use LiDAR, which is operational at up to 75 meters. It delivers a dense point cloud accurate to 10/15 centimeters.

This comprehensive solution includes a LiDAR scanner with a 50 degree angle that measures 40,000 points per second, an Ellipse-E the miniature inertial navigation systems from SPG Systems which helps obtain a clear and accurate point cloud coupled with a centimeter-level Septentrio AsteRx-m RTK GPS chosen for its robustness, reliability, and low-power consumption, an on-board computer and an integrated battery.

Once mounted on the drone, the user has only to push the yellow button and YellowScan is ready to survey. Once the flight is accomplished, the point cloud data recorded on a simple USB stick can be visualized in a few clicks thanks to the YellowScan software, before possible post treatment with any industry specific software like Terrasolid, AutoCAD, ESRI, etc.

About YellowScan Systems

YellowScan Systems commits to provide the best integrated imaging systems for demanding UAV applications. It has developed the worlds lightest all-in-one LiDAR surveying solution for drones and other ultralight aircrafts.

Since the beginning, the teams commitment to fulfill high resolution and high-quality radiometric requirements has fueled research and development. YellowScan development started in 2012 based on clients demand to provide a light UAV-compatible LiDAR.

About AltiGator

AltiGator is designing and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and provides fully integrated Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) including OnyxStar ready-to-fly drones as well as complementary equipment (Brushless gimbals, sensors, video transmission systems, 3D modeling software) and training. Whatever your application, the combination of leading-edge hardware and electronics together with a powerful software provides concrete and tailored answers to any challenges.

YellowScan, Altigator, SPG Systems and Septentrio at INTERGEO 2015
Altigator will be present on booth # F8.091

SPG Systems will be present on booth # G4.079

Septentrio will be present on booth # D4.014

YellowScan will be presented on booth # F8.014

Altigator :

SPG Systems Ellipse-E:

Septentrio AsteRx-m: