Envitia selected by Blighter Surveillance Systems for New Generation of BlighterView HMI

ENVITIA is pleased to announce that Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider, has chosen MapLink Pro to provide the map visualisation capability in BlighterView HMI 2.

BlighterView provides users with a simple interface to control and view one or more Blighter radars with additional controls for advanced users to optimise the radar settings and the HMI display characteristics for specific applications. MapLink Pro enables users to embed high performance mapping components within their systems and is designed and optimised for tactical display environments.

Envitia MapLink Pro was chosen due to its superior performance, cross platform support and flexible licensing model.

It is a pleasure to welcome Blighter into the growing community of MapLink Pro users said Dr Matt Perrin, Sales and Marketing Director, Envitia Ltd. The decision to use our technology demonstrates Blighters commitment to providing the highest performance and operational reliability to its users.

Nick Booth, Sales and Marketing Director, Blighter Surveillance Systems, said: Envitias best-in-class MapLink Pro toolkit is one of the key components in our BlighterView software application. The framework allows a variety of open-source, commercial and military 2D surface maps to be displayed and 3D data to be included, allowing customers to easily integrate coordinate based remote sensors, such as cameras, into their security solution.

Envitia MapLink Pro is a suite of powerful SDKs (Software Development Toolkits) that enables developers to quickly build and deploy high performance mapping and terrain visualisation systems. It is the visualisation toolkit of choice for dynamic management and display of geospatial information and live track data.

About Envitia

Envitia is a world leading geospatial software and solutions provider, serving defence, government and industry customers all around the world. We help our clients make better operational decisions from geospatial intelligence using open information-sharing and visualisation solutions. We specialise in serving customers working in mission- and time-critical domains, delivering products, sub-systems and end-to-end geospatial solutions. Established in 1989, Envitia is a privately owned, small to medium sized enterprise (SME) with offices in the UK and USA.

About Blighter Surveillance Systems (www.blighter.com)

Blighter Surveillance Systems is an electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider. It delivers an integrated multi-sensor package to systems integrators comprising the Blighter e-scan radars, cameras, thermal imagers, trackers and software solutions. Blighter radars combine patented solid-state Passive Electronically Scanned Array (PESA) technology utilising digital beamforming (DBF) on transmit and receive with advanced Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Doppler processing to provide a robust and persistent surveillance capability and an unmatched combination of high reliability, accuracy and performance with a low cost of ownership. Products are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified management system. Blighter Surveillance Systems is a Plextek Group company, a leading British design house and technology innovator, and is based at Great Chesterford on the outskirts of Cambridge, England.

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