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Greetings! We’ve made a couple changes here at the magazine so please allow me to introduce myself. Step back to 1992. Exposed to the rapidly growing GeoTech community of Colorado’s front-range, I founded a publication called Earth Observation Magazine, or EOM for short. The magazine was dedicated to the burgeoning earth imaging market. Other publications at that time included GIS World, Geo Info Systems; some of you may remember them! The parallels between then and now are interesting–in the early 90’s newly available satellite imagery was taking the GeoTech business by storm; the GIS community was awash with robust new datasets, previously unimaginable in terms of resolution and topicality. This presented unique challenges to the data collection and processing contingents of mapping firms of that day and time. Fast forward some 20 years and we’re dealing with many of the same quandaries–newly available sensors, data and practices.

About a year ago, I put together a new media property titled UAV Business and Technology Report. The publisher of LIDAR Magazine approached me in late May to discuss acquiring UAVBTR to assist with taking it to the next level. LIDAR Magazine’s mission is very much the same as what I set out to do at UAVBTR; to support GeoTech firms with technological implementation. After selling EOM in 2003, I became involved with the sale of LIDAR mapping services among other things. I know first-hand what a tough business this can be. The mapping and earth imaging markets are continually subjected to exponential technological advancement; at the same time, it can be a feast or faminelike situation when it comes to the work-orders and contracts necessary to keep a specialized firm funded and on the cutting edge.

Many agree that the average elevation data user and the mapping community in general has just gotten their hands around traditional LiDAR, vis–vis when and where to use it. In the last six months, this magazine has showcased newly available "photon" LiDAR technology, multispectral sensors, smaller and faster laser scanners, mobile mapping units and more…this doesn’t even begin to broach the subject of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Systems. In the coming months, we intend to enhance our coverage of UAS technology and refine our focus on workflow optimization, be it 3D GIS or BIM, with an eye on data management and profitability. I truly believe we’re in the midst of a golden age for GeoTechnology, a cartographic renaissance if you will. Can you notice the golden hue around you? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with kudos, gripes, tips, suggestions.

–Roland Mangold //

A 301Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE

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Roland Mangold

For more than three decades, Roland has been committed to the promotion and growth of the Geospatial industry.

Mr. Mangold acted as Managing Editor of LIDAR Magazine from 2015-2017.