Scene Sharp to Unveil Fuze Go Integration with ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler at HxGN LIVE

CLEVELAND, OHIO,26 May 2015 Scene Sharp USA today announced the integration of its Fuze Go MS Sharp image fusion tool into the ERDAS IMAGINESpatial Modeler software. Exhibiting at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas 2015, Scene Sharp will demonstrate how Fuze Go MS Sharp enhances the analytical recipes scripted in Spatial Modeler for automated applications such as Change Detection.

Scene Sharp is honored to be selected as partner, building upon IMAGINE Spatial Modeler, said Kevin Marasch, Director of Business Development of Scene Sharp USA. Our Fuze Go MS Sharp functionality can now be used as a key ingredient in the analytical recipes within Spatial Modeler.

The Fuze Go MS Sharp lossless satellite image processing tool fuses visible and near-infrared multispectral data with high-resolution panchromatic data to produce images with unparalleled visual quality, sharpness and fidelity. MS Sharp pansharpens up to 30 bands of satellite image data consistently and accurately without losing spectral information.

Part of the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio, ERDAS IMAGINE is the worlds most widely used full-feature raster image processing package. The IMAGINE Spatial Modeler provides users with the toolsor ingredientsto build functions and create geospatial workflowsor analytical recipesto extract information from raster image data. Spatial Modeler users may integrate Fuze Go MS Sharp into any custom analytical recipe built with the software.

Steve du Plessis, Director of Remote Sensing at Hexagon Geospatial said, We are impressed with the advanced image science Scene Sharp brings to our customers. The IMAGINE Spatial Modeler provides the perfect vehicle to incorporate the algorithms into value-added workflows. The resulting enhanced images provide the best of both the spectral and spatial information contained in the data, improving interpretation, classification, change detection and many other analyses.

With version 2.2, Scene Sharp enhanced MS Sharp to improve the overall visual quality of the resulting imagery products even beyond their already impressive standards. In addition, Scene Sharp tweaked the many capabilities within MS Sharp that make it the most accurate and one of the fastest automated image fusion packages on the market today.

Scene Sharp will be demonstrating Fuze Go software features within the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler in booth #213 atHxGN LIVE, which is the Hexagon International user conference being heldJune 1-4, 2015, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

To learn more about the Fuze Go products, please contact Kevin Marasch at1-216-901-9800or

Please visitwww.fuzego.comto try the software at no charge for 15 days.

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