Dielmo 3D and Pelydryn Ltd Sign Distributorship Agreement

Valencia, Spain – DIELMO 3D S.L., Valencia, Spain, and Pelydryn, Exeter, UK, announced they have signed a distributorship agreement to distribute Dielmos LiDAR industry leading online services for airborne survey data.

Dielmo and Pelydryn have collaborated on several projects in the past where Dielmo has provided their innovative QA/QC for LiDAR processing, products generation and delivery of Online solutions for LiDAR and GIS.

This new distributor agreement will open the door to new opportunities for both companies. Pelydryns expertise in bathymetric and topographic aerial acquisition and processing will benefit from Dielmos experience in other fields such as powerlines, forestry and transportation processing, algorithms and QA/QC procedures that Dielmo has developed internally providing 99.99 percent accuracy and on-time delivery, and Dielmo will benefit from top quality data acquisitions, personal contact and global bathymetric and topographic mapping experience from Pelydryn.

We are working together on how to implement our processes and visualisation of bathymetry to offer more products to the customer, said Jose Carlos Garcia, president of Dielmo 3D S.L.We have our own algorithms for processing and QA/QC for topographic mapping for industries such as electric transmission, forestry and natural resources and transportation networks. We are also able to provide proven solutions for LiDAR servers, Web Portals, online analysis of bathymetric and topographic data, and customized solutions.

Dielmos Global LiDAR data processing services to create Basic LiDAR products, as well as specialized products for LiDAR Power lines; Hydrology and flood modeling; LiDAR Road safety and LiDAR Forestry are being utilized around the world.

Ian Davies, Director of Operations at Pelydryn said Dielmos innovative software solutions and online web portal is allowing us to manage our own data more efficiently and offer our Clients a cost effective method of hosting and interacting with their data.

About DIELMO 3D S.L.

Since 2003, DIELMO (DIgital ELevation MOdels) offers a broad range of products and services connected with Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Remote Sensing, and focusing its efforts on internal research projects creating their own technology for production, quality control and distribution of geographic information.

DIELMO has become one of the main DTM, digital cartography, acquisition and LiDAR processing and virtual scenarios generation providers in Spain, offering total geographic information solutions and is now in the process of offering their technology to the international community. For more information contact: Central Office : Plaza Vicente Andrs Estells n2 Bajo. 46950 Xirivella, Valencia; Tel./Fax:+34 963 137 212;www.dielmo.com, E-mail:rafa@dielmo.com

About Pelydryn

Pelydryn is an airborne survey specialist providing a diverse array ofservices including project management along with simultaneous bathymetric, topographic and imagery capture in the coastal zone worldwide.Pelydryns major business areas are seabed surveys for climate change, coastal zone monitoring and nautical charting. Using combined Bathymetric & Topographic LiDAR in association with a range of additional airborne sensors such as multi and hyper-spectral cameras, Pelydryn is able to provide a comprehensive array of data acquisition and related services.

For more information, please contact Pelydryn Ltd, 10 Orchard Court, Heron Road, Exeter, EX2 7LL, Phone:+44 (0) 1392 347650, E-mail:sales@pelydryn.co.uk,www.pelydryn.co.uk