Dielmo 3D Introduces 100% CUSTOMIZABLE LiDAR/GIS WEB-PORTALS Starting at $5,000

Valencia, Spain, Centennial CO, DIELMO 3D S.L., (www.dielmousa.com) Dielmo 3D is pleased to offer the Dielmo 3D, 100% CUSTOMIZABLE LiDAR/GIS WEB-PORTALS Starting at $5,000.

Many organizations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and potentially much more on their LiDAR, Ortho photo and Geospatial information investment. The eternal question is: Are they getting the most benefit from their investment? Are they able to manage massive datasets internally and share it with constituents, clients and project team members?

Imagine the possibilities to get LiDAR, Vector and Raster data into the hands of those who can benefit the most: Engineers, planners, ecologists, geologists, foresters, surveyors and geospatialists. DielmoWeb Portals puts Point Clouds in the Cloud allowing anyone in an organization to access, view, analyze, measure, edit, classify and download LiDAR data with no specialized software, knowledge or training. The idea is to maximize their LiDAR investment by leveraging the benefits throughout the organization to all who have a need for this valuable information.


  • Multiple data format support (LiDAR, Raster and Vectors)
  • Customizable interface
  • Public data via OGC Services
  • Online tools, content manager and customization.
  • User friendly
  • Editable Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
  • Internet/Intranet and Security
  • Point clouds display, 3D visualization, measurement and download
  • Online Data Publication and Cloud Computing
  • Data Search, Display (2D and 3D Visualization) and Download
  • Online Tools and Customized Developments
  • Content Manager and Login System
  • WMS/WFS services
  • LiDAR 3D Viewer (3D points client)
  • LiDAR profiles tool (profiles client)
  • Download tools
  • Algorithms and Geo-Services online (DTM generation, forestry, etc.)
  • Web tools generation on demandCustomized Dielmo Web Portals for LiDAR and geospatial data services online provides organizations multiple benefits
  • Maximize return on LiDAR Investment
    • Allows all users to access and work with the information
    • Entire organization benefits from LiDAR and geospatial data
  • Archive Valuable Geospatial Information
    • Removes high cost of maintaining internal IT staff, infrastructure, hardware and software licenses by hosting services and managing data storage requirements of Gigabytes and terabytes of LiDAR and Ortho Imagery.
  • Excellent LiDAR QA/QC Tool
    • Ability to QA/QC LiDAR-based deliverables to ensure level of service and production meets data owners needs.
  • Improve and streamline decision-making
    • Reduce organizational costs, risk of injury and liability by reducing need to put personnel and equipment in the field!Discover how any department within your organization, or any personnel can easily access, view, analyze, measure, edit, classify and download geospatial data (LiDAR, vector or RASTER) files as .las, .dxf, raster and .shp file. For those organizations that have security or proprietary issues, the data can also be served on private networks, intranets or private clouds.Dielmo Web Portals All your data, one-click away!BASIC PACKAGE for $5,000 USD:

About DIELMO 3D S.L.

Since 2003, DIELMO (DIgital ELevation MOdels) offers a broad range of products and services connected with Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Remote Sensing, and focusing its efforts on internal research projects creating their own technology for production, quality control and distribution of geographic information.

DIELMO has become the leading DTM, digital cartography, acquisition and LiDAR processing and virtual scenarios generation providers in Spain, offering total geographic information solutions and is now in the process of offering their technology to the international community. For more information, contact Roland Mangold, Dielmo3D, at 720-934-2482, roland@dielmo.com or visitwww.dielmousa.com