Thinkbox Software to Show Off Sequoia at SPAR International

Standalone Tool Enables Point Cloud Processing and Meshing for AEC Users

Los Angeles, CA (March 25, 2015)Thinkbox Software will be at SPAR International next week in Houston, Texas, previewing its powerful AEC-focused Sequoia software that converts point cloud data into geometry. The SPAR International conference focuses on end-to-end business and technology solutions for 3D measurement and imaging for industrial facilities, building, architecture and construction, and civil infrastructure. Visit Thinkbox in booth #224 for a Sequoia demonstration.

Sequoia is a robust standalone application for point cloud processing and meshing, compatible across OS X, Linux, and Windows platforms. Its multi-threaded technology leverages modern multi-processor systems and handles data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations. Thanks to an out-of-core design, Sequoia can also process data successfully even if the system memory prevents data from being loaded all at once. Additional features of Sequoia include:

–Hacksaw meshing: Creates multiple meshing tasks to process very large data sets as smaller spatial regions with lower RAM usage. Distributed meshing is supported via Thinkboxs Deadline software for render farms or the cloud.

–Mesh resampling: Direct mesh-to-point conversion allows creation of a continuous water-tight mesh, enabling faster production of 3D printable models.

–Image projection: Color information is projected onto a mesh, allowing users to alter texture or lighting separate from the scan itself.

Sequoia is currently in development, with a beta program that is gaining new testers daily. It will be released to the public later this year. For additional information, please visit: http://sequoia. .

About Thinkbox Software
Founded by Chris Bond in 2010, Thinkbox Software develops production-proven tools for visual artists and backs each product with highly responsive support. Used across entertainment, engineering and design industries, Thinkboxs products include Deadline high-volume data management software used to render or process files and several other artist-driven software tools to create, visualize and modify datasets for visual effects, animation and digital simulations. For more information, visit or follow @thinkboxsoft on Twitter.