3D Industry Bands together to Support Data Archiving

This year, as part of the CyArk 500 Challenge, CyArk is redoubling its efforts to archive pre-existing data sets collected by our partners around the world. CyArk is very excited to announce that its Partners have rallied in support of the 500 Challenge and the CyArk Archive, beginning with SPARs generous donation of a free booth for one of our partners at the upcoming SPAR 2015 conference in Houston, as well as numerous software packages from industry leaders.

Archiving and preserving data captured by our partners is a key component of CyArk’s mission. The archive is made up of data sets from global service providers, AEC firms and university researchers. We depend on our partners to help us build an archive of incredible sites. Justin Barton highlighted some past Data Donation Program participants and previously donated projects in a previous LiDAR News Article (this blog)

Our partners have been key in bringing to light the incredible heritage, around all of us, and especially at the local level. These local heritage sites highlight regional differences and unique features, from a reinforced concrete bridge that withstood San Franciscos 1906 earthquake, to an Inuvialuit sod house designed to survive arctic conditions, to the Romanesque Vallferosa Tower in Spain.

Donating data offers the opportunity to ensure that it remains a valuable and useable resource for the public and professionals. All those participating will retain ownership of the data and receive apartner pageon the CyArk website. Your data will join the over 150 projects within a two petabyte archive hosted by Iron Mountain. Depending on the public access terms determined by the donor, CyArk seeks to make the data as broadly available as possible in alignment with our mission to act as an archive of the worlds cultural heritage.

To celebrate those who have donated data to the archive, CyArk will be raffling the booth to one of our Data Donors on March 10 and free software April 1st.Emailmakenna.murray@cyark.orgfor more information, and to be entered to win.

CyArk is thrilled with the outpouring of support we have also seen from our generous Technology Partners who have donated free software (and a free 3D print!) to the contest. Those who donate both before and afterMarch 10will be entered to win software packages including: Trimble RealWorks Advanced-Modeler, Sketchup, Leica Geosystems HDS Software, Autodesk Reality Computing Software, 3D Systems Geomagic Wrap and a 3D print from Quickparts by 3D Systems. The software drawing will take place at Spar on April 1st.

We encourage you to donate your data to the archive, whether it be a world renowned location, or a local site. These local sites offer important diversity to the Archive, allowing it to represent much more accurately the range of cultures and cultural heritage around the world. CyArk is proud to say that the Archive spans all seven continents thanks to our partners.

This year alone, we have been fortunate to receive a number of wonderful data sets from our partners including author Jack London’s California estate from Locus Construction Services, the oldest reinforced concrete bridge from local partner, Scott Page Design, a reconstructed Inuit dwelling from professors and students at the University of Calgary, Mission Santa Ines, from our youngest donors at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School, and a wonderful collection of Spanish Sites spanning the 1st to 14thcenturies.

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